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Adwords Miracle, New! $44 per sale, converting at 3-6%, affiliates needed now!

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by captainequity, May 19, 2006.

  1. captainequity

    captainequity Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Warrior Forum,

    I run http://www.adwordsmiracle.com

    Adwords Miracle is an ebook targeted at internet marketers - the theme of the product, and the sales copy, is using adwords to quit your day job.

    It has been converting at a blistering 3.6-6.5% depending on the source of the referral, and its a $97 product so your commission will be a little over $44 per sale.

    Site: http://www.adwordsmiracle.com

    Description: An ebook aimed at internet marketers (affiliates, product vendors) looking to make money and quit their jobs using Adwords. 105 pages long - the simple way to use adwords to quit your day job. Special sections on ad copy, my seek and destroy method for niches, and "Google Cash" / Direct Linking for 2006.

    Reviews and testimonials: You can check out testimonials on my website. I have also received very good feedback from the internet community, including testimonials from established names whose testimonials I will be adding to the site over the next few days.

    Commission: Commission is 50%, which works out at over $44 per unit sold.

    Stats: Product converts at between 3-6% depending on the source. Refund is less than 2%.

    Affiliate page: http://www.adwordsmiracle.com/affiliates.htm

    Comments: I have just done a JV this past week which has converted very well off a semi-related sub-niche, and am now ironing out my details for a second and pushing the product on affiliates also. I can handle all the presell, and do exclusives for your list, so there is very little you will need to do. Just send the traffic to my high converting website and let Clickbank handle the cheques.

    This is very simply the framework I used to leverage myself out of "nine-to-fivedom" so you can be sure you will be sending a quality product to your list and making an excellent return at the same time.

    Post your comments below, or PM me if you are interested in getting the ball rolling.


    Chris, Adwords Miracle.
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