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Adwords & Adsense New Algo - Cracking down for the Holidays

Linda Buquet

Google is tightening the quality control reigns again and this new algo comes just in time for the Christmas shopping rush. Affiliate landing pages that offer no added value and only include an affiliate link will be hit harder than ever it seems. Scott Jangro over at Revenews has the full story including some good advice and several steps affiliates can take to ensure they don't lose Holiday revenue. Over at <a target="_new" href="">WebmasterWorld</a> people seem pretty happy and hope this will clean up some of the MFA sites that still clutter up the network.
<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">Another Adwords Quality Score Update - ReveNews - Scott Jangro</a></strong>
"Google has become increasingly concerned with user experience, and now consider any affiliate pages with the sole purpose of driving traffic to a merchant as low quality. There have been at least two updates this year (one in April and another in July) that sent many affiliate marketers back to the drawing boards (or worse) to recover the lost traffic and revenues.

Yesterday, Google announced via their Inside Adwords blog that there is another update coming in the next few days. Not only have they updated the algorithm, but these quality scores will now affect what shows in their content network (Adsense)."</blockquote>
Read the rest and take advantage of Scott's insight and tips <a target="_new" href="">here</a>.
For the dicey discussion about the issue, see ThreadWatch "<a target="_new" href="">Google Web Police</a>"


Interesting read Linda. I wondered if we might have a discussion about a few things here on the forum?

I was wondering if newbies understood what affiliate landing pages are? Any newbies want to chime in here and let us know.

I was wondering if any of the more experienced affiliates have examples of affiliate landing pages they'd be willing to share?

I also wanted to add a little to the thread and hear what others are experiencing so I'll know if I'm on target or not, and heres why.....

Scott Jangro says, "What's an affiliate marketer to do?...Google also has no problem with affiliate sites that offer something unique to visitors."

What I'm experiencing is in conflict with that statement from Google (there's surprise,eh?). I have affiliate websites that are full of loads of relevant unique content, but only service one affiliate link ... and, they got punished in this last update.

I'm wondering if others who build for a single link also had the same experience? Or, if you built for multiple links, did you get punished at all?

Please chime in guys, it would really help everyone in the Industry out.