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Adword, Adcopy, Keywords ???



Can anyone explain in details the process of launching a campaign thru Adwords. I'm a bit confused by the terms they used such as keywords, adcopy, adgroups. Are they the same and interchangeble? :confused:

In addition, when you make a search under Google, there are ads on the top three with indicate "Sponsored Links" and below which are more organic search. What I want to know is are they all paid ads or some of them are free ads?

Any help will be much appreciated to clear my doubts.

Linda Buquet

The top 1-3 ads that say sponsored link and all the ones on the right sidebar that say sponsored link are well.... sponsored links. All the ones in white under the top sponsored ads are free but you have to know how to get listed high enough to get traffic.

I think Adwords explains things pretty well and the terms are pretty self explanatory, but in super simple terms.

Campaign: Pet Supplies

keywords: dog treats, dog brush, cat food, cat brush

Ad group1 (dog related key phrases) dog treats, dog brush

Ad group 2 (cat related key phrases) cat food, cat brush

Ad Copy (the ad you can read when you view Google and search for the above key words)
"Find the greatest pet supplies at the lowest prices at PetsRus, blah, blah, click here."


Thanks Linda for yr clear and concise reply that help to remove away some of my doubts.

Let say we launch a campaign, do we need to use all the keywords under the same Ad Group, for e.g say someone does a search on "dogs treat", does the keyword under "dog brush" also appear in the search?

BTW, you were saying that those under Sponsord Links are "free traffics". Does it means that these ads are from those who submitted their blogs or articles? How about the SEO? Are they related to each other in some ways?