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Adware - Rogue Affiliates - The Hidden Money Trail

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by 5 Star Blogger, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. 5 Star Blogger

    5 Star Blogger Affiliate affiliate

    PCWorld has just published a very long and enlightening article about Adware and Spyware and how it's used by some of the big brand companies. The trouble is the frequent use of the word affiliate - which could make it sound to the average consumer that ALL affiliates are bad


    After you read the info at the link above, come back to ask questions or discuss it.
  2. Voluum
  3. billy101

    billy101 New Member

    Just keep on going.....

    All those guys want to do is try and slow down the success of Affiliate Marketing but as long as you keep your content you're promoting clean and decent then there's no reason to complain.
  4. its_me_shaners

    its_me_shaners New Member

    I'm curious about that.... I watch my girlfriend shop online. she has NO CLUE what an affiliate is, and I'm pretty sure she wouldnt care. She knows I web publish and thats how I refer to myself, as a web publisher. I dont think the average jack or gill knows what an affiliate is. Yeah there are alot of jack ass companies data mining and what not. But know what?, if you're not behind a fire wall or router then your surfing habits should be made available and used to make someone a whack of cash. Best to have a tight ship with no leaks. Sounds crass maybe or even a little mean but im also sure adware is common knowledge among most any pc user. So if you're not doing anything about it then whygive someone a bad name for using it to benefit off you.
  5. autoecart

    autoecart New Member

    The only way affiliates will succeed against publicity like that is to keep their programs clean, educate new marketers, and refuse to participate in affiliate programs such as free screensavers which are one of the major spyware carriers.
  6. OnlineDownloads

    OnlineDownloads Affiliate affiliate

    The problem gets worsened when the affiliate networks promote rogue antispyware and antiadware products. Some of them even banned by the spyware communities.