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Adult Affiliate - Legal Questions

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Kleoz, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Kleoz

    Kleoz Affiliate affiliate

    So i have started as a Chaturbate Affiliate 2 months ago . I have a few questions regarding the legality of my actions so anyone law savvy that could help, i would really appreciated it .

    1. I am an EU citizen but CB is a US website.
    2. I have my own domain registered to me
    3. The domain A record points to my CB white label , US hosted ( i presume)
    4. I have various social media accounts that i use to promote my link from
    5. I upload to these accounts from my EU residency but their servers and the content i post are saved on US or wtvr servers social media store them at.
    6. I don't own or host any of the CB content i promote im just an affiliate
    7. My social media accounts don't promote nude or adult content , they are 100% within the social media site rules.


    1. Is adult affiliate marketing legal in EU ? I know its legal in US
    2. I am bonded by EU or US law?
    3. Does it matter that i upload from EU to US ? Since content at the end ends up in US servers (social media)
    4. Lets assume my Country prohibits marketing of adult content. Do i care ? Since my content is actually on US servers ? I am uploading from EU address though.
    5. Does it matter that my domain is registered to an EU citizen although it points to a US host (Chaturbate)
    6. I am getting payed by Firstchoicepay Debit Card. Where do i get taxed? My country or US ?

    I am having all these questions because i see tons of people doing adult affiliate but i had a debate with a lawyer friend of mine that said ou Country bans promotion of adult content to the public . And since this is sort of what i am doing i want to know if am legit or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Voluum
  3. webjohn

    webjohn Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    It is all legal, but you need to check out your country's law because it may be different.

    Pornography in Europe - Wikipedia

    If you are not producing, selling directly then you should be ok in almost any of these countries, but again, check out your country's law, because we can do not know which country you are from, hence it is hard to say with certainty if it is 100% legal or not.
  4. Kleoz

    Kleoz Affiliate affiliate

    Any other links apart from wiki ?