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AdSpyglass submitted a new resource:

AdSpyglass - Ad networks mediation service for publishers and websites owners

AdSpyglass is the ad networks mediation platform and ads management system that grows revenue from ad networks up to 2x.

It automatically selects the most profitable offers from ad networks and displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites. Also it allows you to simply manage all your ads from one place and maximize revenue from your website in the first month of use.

System works with three types of advertisements: banners, popunders and IM.

Service is integrated with over 25 ad...

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Congratulations on being accepted as an AffiliateFix verified vendor - WOOT!



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Looking for an easy and effective way to manage all your ad networks inventory and get more profit? Need an Anti-Adblock solution?

Check out AdSpyglass for an intelligent and easy to use ad network mediation solution. AdSpyglass helps thousands of webmasters save time and maximize revenue up to 100%.

This service is loaded with all the features you need, including:
• Managing all ads from the single place
• Finds creatives with the highest CPM in your ad networks inventory
• Detailed reporting
• Advanced targeting
• Manage direct ads
• Anti-Adblock solutions
• Malware monitoring
• And more!

Adpsyglass works with over 25 different ad networks:
• Exoclick
• PopCash
• Ero-Advertising
• JuicyAds
• Adamoads
• AdCash
• Adnium
• AdsTerra
• AdSupply
• AdXpansion
• BitterStrawberry
• Clickadu
• Clickpapa
• DoublePimp
• FPCTraffic
• HilltopAds
• MobItEasy
• PropellerAds
• Reporo
• RoyalAds
• TrafficHolder
• TrafficBroker
• TrafficForce
• TrafficHaus
• Traffichunt
• TrafficShop
• Tubecorporate

New Ad Networks adding by request.

It works with following ads formats:
• Banners
• Pop-unders
• IM

It is currently being used by over 1900 websites across 4800 active ad campaigns. Over 156 million ads are served daily through Adspyglass!

Start your free 30-day trial today and get started increasing your ad profit by up to 100%

Skype: adspyglass
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Service Manager
Hi everybody! At this moment our CTO takes part in The European Summit in Prague. If you want to see him, ask questions or drink some beer together - you are welcome! Ask for contacts here or in pm.


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Service Manager
We worked hard last month, and now we are happy to share some new functions in the AdSpyglass system. We’re pleased to announce the following:

  1. The system is now geographically distributed. This allows it to be more stable in the event of hardware and network failures, both local and global.
  2. Almost all ad networks are integrated with our API.
  3. We added the alternate Popunder Code - a very efficient solution from PopunderJS. If you would like to use it for free, just contact your personal manager or write to us in the online chat on
  4. Ranking algorithms have been upgraded.
  5. We conducted a complete security audit and solved all potential problems in the process.
  6. The sensitivity of our monitoring system was upgraded. Now, almost all false triggers are excluded. The system automatically informs you in case of any drop in activity on your sites.
  7. Automatic payment through Paxum is now available.
New brokers in our system
We also added some new brokers in our system, which are:


  • a very good network for unsold traffic. While it may not have the highest rates of CPM, it works great as a backup ad network
  • we recommend PlugRush for websites with low traffic uniqueness

  • Mobads is an ad network for mobile mainstream traffic. It belongs same company as Reporo
  • focused on mobile banner traffic. They serve pops as well
  • self service

  • accept all types of traffic (adult, gambling and non-adult resources)
  • minimum payout $5
  • good CPM rates
  • self service
We hope you find these updates useful and help you to get the best results with AdSpyglass.
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Congratulation!! finally your officially here in our community, I must say working with Adspyglass for my websites that I've been managing for years is such a great opportunity! It made a lot of changes when it comes to my income. I can't believe my self that my business has the potential to earn 2x compare before without adspy to my system. I am really thankful that one of my friends refer your program to me.


I found this post in new posts section. Love to see Adspyglass here. I have been using Adspyglass for more than 3 months. I am running 3 tube sites and I am working with 10+ ad networks on my tube sites. Month to month leaders are changing. All of them in rotation via mediation service Adspyglass. I've compared profit just from Exoclick and from adspyglass. With adspyglass I get x1.5 more profit.
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Service Manager
We're want to announce that AdSpyglass will restore its AffiliateFix presence. From now on we're going to post updates about the system regularly in this official thread about AdSpyglass. Thanks everyone who is following the thread.:

AdSpyglass Media Kit Maker is officially released!

Media Kit is a great tool to start getting more profit by showcasing
your traffic and working with direct advertisers
Learn More:

Generally, a media kit is a web page that displays statistics about your traffic and helps direct advertisers to identify if they can cooperate with you.
So, this is your golden ticket to the world of direct traffic selling and vast profits.
Our new feature allows everyone to create their personal Media Kit just with a few clicks and start getting much more than you used to.

A few facts about Media Kit to help you see a bigger picture:

1. Media Kit - is a clear and vivid indicator of your readiness to work with advertisers directly.
Moreover, it means that you have established everything needed for direct cooperation.

2. How often do you get questions about your website traffic?
If you're a good webmaster, you get what we meant. Ad Buyers, Agencies, Networks - sometimes it can be tough.
Media Kit is a smart way to minimize those questions and save a bunch of time.

3. Media Kit is a powerful tool that can help you to enhance the income you get from your website.
However, it also maintains another part of your online business: Branding and Identity.

If you'd like to read more about this opportunity, please take a look at these articles:
AdSpyglass Media Kit: What is it, How it works, and Why do you need it?
How to create a Media Kit with AdSpyglass?

Thank you for being in this thread!
Stay tuned to keep up with the latest updates of AdSpyglass.
Also, join us in our cozy Telegram chat: EN - AdSpyglass Group

Stay safe

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We're want to announce that AdSpyglass will restore its AffiliateFix presence. From now on we're going to post updates about the system regularly in this official thread about AdSpyglass. Thanks everyone who is following the thread.:

Welcome back to AffiliateFix!


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Service Manager
Hey, long time no see. We have news!

The new "Pay As You Go" pricing plan has been added to AdSpyglass.
This plan allows you to control your AdSpyglass billings more accurately according to the number of consumed ad impressions.
The system fee will be charged accordingly to the volume of your ad impressions.

Read the article to learn more about the updated pricing: What is the cost of using AdSpyglass? | Pricing & Costs

Previous plans will remain the same. We've just added a new pricing option that you can enable within your AdSpyglass Account.


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Service Manager
A significant aspect of running a website is the monitoring of your traffic stats

Some critical drops or surges can always seriously affect your website income. That’s why proper tracking of your stats is essential.

Most trackers and analyzers can’t help you much. You need an advanced system that can detect traffic drops for a specific country, ad format, or even ad spot.

Thinking of webmaster’s needs, we’ve updated our Activity Analyzers, and now you may be confident about your stats:
  • Adspyglass will send you a notification every time there is any unusual change in your stats.
  • You may adjust Analyzer Sensitivity just according to your needs.
  • You’ll be receiving a link that will lead you to a specific report section highlighting insights about the recent changes.

Reports were also updated, and now you can compare your stats between different periods for any breakdowns: website, creatives, country, and ad network. So, you may explore the real reasons that caused changes in your stats just in a few clicks.

Learn More about the update: Learn More

Stay tuned for more updates. AdSpyglass team is here for you to make your webmaster’s life happier!


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Service Manager
We've got some fantastic news for users of the Telegram app!

Remember our super-flexible "Activity Drop" notifications?

Now they're also available right in your Telegram account.

Just set the sensitivity of your tracking filters and log in to your Telegram account directly from the AdSpyglass interface.
After that, you'll start receiving instant notifications about any sort of significant changes in your traffic.


More AdSpyglass Updates

We hope you'll enjoy our new feature.
Have a great summer!


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Service Manager
Hi AffiliateFix members :ninja: ,
We have some pretty cool news for you.
We waited for more than a year because of the pandemic, and we finally can say:

The AdSpyglass team is going to attend TES Affiliate Conference at Marbella, Spain.
unnamed (3).png

The conference will be held on 02-05 July 2021.

We'll be super excited to meet you in person and talk.
Also, we're going to give away something really unusual.
Meet us at the conference, and we promise that you'll remember our guys for a long time.

Let us know in the comments if you are also planning to be there.
We can't wait to meet your all :)


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Service Manager
:) Hi AffiliateFix!
The summer is over, but there's no need to worry about it. The fall is getting started, and the industry is reviving - it's time to get back to work!

That's why the AdSpyglass team is coming to TES Affiliate Conference again!
Now in Prague, Czech Republic.

10-13 September, 1st Expo Floor, Silver Business Lounge S2
We'll be excited to meet you there.

As always: Let's talk, let's have some fun, and let's get to know each other better. Our team will be waiting for you with some pretty cool gifts.
Hope to see you there!


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Service Manager
Hi everyone!
We hope your dreams come true this Christmas, as you've made our dreams come true this year by simply being with us.

Please accept our warmest wishes and a small but sincere gift - Voucher Code for $10.

Gift from AdSpyglass

Have a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2022!

May this season take you closer to all those you desire in your heart. Wishing you and your family good health, never-ending happiness, and peace.

Season's greetings from the entire crew at AdSpyglass