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AdSense Arbitrage 2019 - A Guide


Hi Peoples of the Affiliate Fix,

In my previous post I was accused of doing something I was not intending to do.

I take my reputation extremely seriously.

I Will Avenge My Honor! :)

Without further ado a Value Giving Guide:

So just what is AdSense Arbitrage?

It is a way of speculating on traffic.

Basically, you buy traffic from a cheap source and you sell it for more to AdSense.

You funnel that traffic through your sites.

AdSense Arbitrage consists of 3 major components:

  1. Traffic
  2. Content
  3. Monetization
Let us explore each component in greater detail:


I will say something that will sound discouraging to some.

This business model is NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

If you think that you can get away with free/organic traffic, you will waste a lot of your time.

This is not 2009 and it is not 2014!

Can you make $ or $$ a month with free traffic?


But I think if you still at that level there are better business models out there for you.

The reality is that all the players in this space spend SERIOUS money on paid advertising.

I’m taking $$$,$$$/month.

You can start seeing profit at $1,000/campaign.

I suggest a starting with an advertising budget of $5,000.

Based on my experience and competitive research, the top 3 sources of traffic are:
  1. Facebook
  2. Taboola
  3. Outbrain
The best countries to target are English Speaking 1st World Countries like: US, Canada, Britain.

Sometimes New Zealand works.

There are players that operate in other countries and other languages, but AdSense is not friendly to them, so the monetization is lower.


I think this section will blow most people's minds.

First, you should have 2 categories of content - One Pagers, Paginated Posts.

You need One Pagers that are SEO friendly.

You will not make money from these posts, but you will drive organic traffic to the site, and it will make your site seem more legitimate in the eyes of AdSense.

Paginated Posts is where the magic happens.

Each article should be no less than 20 slides.

There are ton of ways for creating a paginated effect.

The most basic way is by taking advantage of the WordPress' built-in functionality.


There are also plugins some are free, some are paid.

Personally, I hate every single one of these options, so I built my own solution.

Here are some of the best niches for AdSense Arbitrage:

  • Viral news & Stories
  • Celebrity News
  • Travel
  • Humor
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Pets & Animals
  • Health and Fitness
  • Cars
So, here is the COLD HARD TRUTH!

The average site in this game has about 1,000 paginated posts.

Out of these 1,000 paginated posts maybe 100 make money (And I am being generous).

And if you cross reference the posts between different sites you will see that there is a significant overlap.

And I am not talking an overlap in topics.

I am saying that the post ARE NEARLY IDENTICAL, just rewritten, and sometimes even the same pictures.

I can sense your jaw dropping.

Why the injustice?

My best explanation is this:

Remember the crash of 2008?

Remember how the banks that were supposed to fail didn't?


Because they were Too Big To Fail.

The same logic applies here.

When the Alexa Rank of your site is 20,000, Google does not want to lose you.

But if you are barely at 5 MIL and you try the same techniques your account will be banned, and your domain will be blacklisted.

So, if you are starting the site from scratch, I recommend planning at least 5 niches ahead.

Start with 1 niche build it out and then add a 2nd niche to the same domain.

It is best that all 5 niches are related.

Once you are in the top 1 MIL of all sites you can start being arrogant, but until then play by the rules.

Another point to bring up in this section.

AdSense banning is a big issue nowadays.

The best way to avoid this is by having multiple AdSense accounts working simultaneously on the same site.

That way if one of your accounts gets banned others still make money.

No down time!



So how do you actually make money?

I will describe an over-simplistic example.

Let's say Post X has the following stats:

1. 10% CTR (if 10 people visit the post, you get 1 click on the banner ad)

2. AdSense pays you $1/click

Let's say you Ad Campaign has the following stats:

1. CPC $0.05

So, to get $1 from AdSense you need 10 visitors.

To have 10 visitors on your site you will pay $0.50.

So, in this example you've made $0.50 in profit.


If you are not a part of the top sites AdSense pays you somewhere between $0.30-$1.00.

And you can only make money when you are able to get your cost to $0.04 and below.

The money comes with scale, this is the reason for $5,000 starting budget mentioned above.

If whether you make profit or go broke is a matter of cents, every single piece of the puzzle must be in place.

Design of the site

Engaging content

Ad Placement



Beginners stay away!

I think that if you are making $50,000+ in Internet Marketing this is a good opportunity for you!

There is constant pressure from both the Advertiser side and Publisher side.

For example, the whole Russian Collusion situation forced Facebook to restrict most ads that have to do with politics or political figures.

The result is that you cannot run topics like Presidential IQ Quiz.

Also, you are no longer allowed to run creatives with circles in them!

So if you see case studies that have those creatives on this forum, the results are either old or fake.

I look at this from the positive perspective, because the higher the barrier to entry the less the competition there is.

AdSense Arbitrage is not DEAD, it is very much alive.

You just have know what you are doing!

Ending this guide without a plug feels incomplete so if you liked the post give it a THUMBS UP and COMMENT BELOW!

Also, if you are in this space already let me know what you do differently!

All around the world,

Ted H.


Hi. Great post! I used to do adsense arbitrage for 1 year. It was quite profitable but then there were constant problems. Adsense arrows gone, bots, crap traffic, low ROI.... But then again I used to buy traffic from low quality natives like, revc.

What's cpc on outbrain & taboola for T1 like? What is your avg ROI?