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Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by AdPulse, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. AdPulse

    AdPulse Guest


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  2. Voluum
  3. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Nice looking network, welcome to CPAFix.
  4. AdPulse

    AdPulse Guest

    Thanks for the warm welcome, we will enjoy our stay here for sure! Always nice to be around a lot of creative and inspiring individuals. If you guys need anything from us, just let us know.
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Welcome man, nice looking site - let us know a little about the network?
  6. AdPulse

    AdPulse Guest

    Haha, sorry for not updating the information sooner, but it should be updated now at the top. Its a bit of a read but we felt like we needed to cover everything. Thanks for the welcome!
  7. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Great job man, look out for my application!
  8. AdPulse

    AdPulse Guest

    adPulse - Now accepting fresh affiliates!

    Over at adPulse we are accepting new affiliates!

    • We pay weekly
    • Offer content locking with out own custom PulseLocker
    • Provide custom tools for affiliates to use
    • Offer 1 on 1 support to get the affiliate earning or improve earnings
    • Great EPCs!

    Just wanted to let you guys know, just in case you were on the hunt for a network!

    ALSO: If you would like to expedite the approval process, please AIM me at adpulsecory

  9. AdPulse

    AdPulse Guest

    UPDATE: New Feature Coming From adPulse

    Alright guys, it is time I show you all the wonders.

    Alright first off, let me familiarize you all on content locking if you are not familiar with it.
    Content locking is the form of protecting or hiding your content by placing a box over it that prevents all actions UNTIL they finish one survey shown in the box.

    Well, we done that and a little more over at adPulse.

    Introducing WRAP LINK
    Wrap Link is a parameter of our PulseLocker that allows you to specify any URL that you want and make it appear that your locker belongs on that page. Below I will show you a couple examples of what we did, and how you can apply it to your campaign.

    Youtube Test Locker
    Facebook Test Locker

    These pages are actually behind the content locker and will function like they normally do running behind it. For example... Youtubes homepage will actually do its animations of whatever it is supposed to show (movie advertisements mainly).

    So you can see how this can help your campaign and dramatically increase your EPC with this feature alone.

    If you would like to join adPulse, just sign up and I will manually check each account and maybe we can have a few words.


    Cory from adPulse
  10. JohnCPAAlpha

    JohnCPAAlpha Guest

    Re: UPDATE: New Feature Coming From adPulse

    I spoke to the owners of this network over the weekend. They have a lot of energy and are willing to help anybody!! I like the attitude of wanting to help their Affiliates!!
  11. mastermind97

    mastermind97 Affiliate affiliate

    Re: UPDATE: New Feature Coming From adPulse

    This feature is pretty impressive. Going to sign up soon.
  12. adpulse_dan

    adpulse_dan Guest

    New Offer - High EPC

    Hey guys and gals :)

    We are trialing a new offer atm with a couple of our publishers and will be rolling it out to everyone else with complying traffic real soon.

    If you would like to talk to either me or Cory on running this offer let us know and well see if we can get you rolling with it.

    Offer is an email submit, payout is $1.40, high volume we can pay bump, EPC's we are seeing between 0.12-0.25+ depending on traffic quality, really nice.
  13. kidzer

    kidzer Affiliate affiliate

    Nice info... Thanks Dan.

    Can't wait to work with you... Hopefully my adPulse app get approval quickly.
  14. AdPulse

    AdPulse Guest

    Hey guys!

    adPulse is proud to announce custom email submits!

    We know that not having the right offers for your campaigns is tough or you could just make more money with a specific offer, so we thought... "Why not make it for them?"

    If you are looking for a specific email submit that you would like to see, let us know about it and we will do our best to create your custom email submit.

    Cory - adPulse
  15. adpulse_dan

    adpulse_dan Guest

    Time for an update from us, we've been busy bodies over the past couple of weeks.

    First of all we have a lot of new offers up, pretty much all verticals, dating, health, insurance, submits, incents and more. Only the best of the best offers make thier way into adPulse!

    One offer in particular is all the rage at the moment, the Six Flags Tickets of course, we have a high payout on this offers of $2.00 and EPCs are typically in the low 30c's. Of course that depends on your traffic ;)

    We have also done a lot of work on our content locker, and have a bunch of new features and improvements which are as follows:

    * Improved mobile and tablet compatibility - Content locker now displays on more devices in the correct manner.
    * Built in split testing of 2 or more content lockers
    * More tags added for development of custom skins
    * Can embed any content you like, be it a flash video, game, if you can think it, you can embed it (non-techies we can assist you :) )
    * Integrated Facebook widgets. You can now place a like on your content locker to any page you want. We researched and found that visitors click it voluntarily thinking it is part of the process, it is of course optional. Nice way to build some page likes as you go.
    * Pre / 2nd step Facebook widget. Should you wish you can now have a 2nd content locker popup before or after the offer locker, this is *only* for none monetizing steps such as "Final Step - Like our page / Share this to your friends" This is approval only but another great addition.

    Theres probably a lot more as we have been so busy, but why not get in touch and see what we can do for you. We are happy to help any non-technical publishers with getting something running, whether that be simple assistance with setup, or getting one of our developers to cut you a little code, all for free of course, as we are nice like that :)

    Until later. Take care :)
  16. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Some great stuff coming here man, very exciting!
  17. adpulse_dan

    adpulse_dan Guest

    Cheers K, we're only just getting started over here, lots more to come! :)
  18. Josh312

    Josh312 Affiliate affiliate

    Re: UPDATE: New Feature Coming From adPulse

    Im really impressed with adPulse. There support to me has been absolutly incredible. Also the conent locker they have on the site is awesome!! Excellent network!!!
  19. AdPulse

    AdPulse Guest

    Re: UPDATE: New Feature Coming From adPulse

    Hey guys! We have something special for all CPAFix members...

    Introducing the NEW PulsePanel

    At adPulse we have been very very busy working on creating a custom network panel for you guys and man is it going well! This panel has been designed with the affiliate in mind and it looks pretty good if I do say so ourselves.

    Features you ask?

    1. Live updating stats - This means that when you get a click/lead it will show up on the graph almost instantly right before your very eyes! No more waiting around asking when your stats will be updated because I know how that feels... haha.

    2. Tons of offers - Since we have developed our own panel to use, we can now have as many offers as we need! No more limitations of old stone-age panels such as DirectTrack, CAKE, or even HasOffers.

    3. Live offer stats - You can now check out any offer and see how it is doing on the network in real time! This will allow for any affiliate to see a winner easily.

    Plus a BUNCH more not even on the panel yet!

    So what do we get already?

    I am glad you asked! All CPAFix members will get automatic approval with a $50 bonus AND 5% increased monthly earnings! All you gotta do is use this link to signup and we will approve you as soon as possible.

  20. adpulse_dan

    adpulse_dan Guest

    To add to Corys post, if you would like more info and something to read about this CPAFix exclusive, go to http://adpulse.net/cpafix.php

    To all of you that have already registered, we will be approving accounts over the next few hours.

    Once you have been approved, do get in touch with us either via mail, or mine and Cory's Skype/AIMS.

    Thanks everyone.

  21. JX-Master

    JX-Master Affiliate affiliate

    i Apply on ADPULSE today hopping to get accepted :)
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