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Add on tools for Firefox


If there are any other Firefox junkies out there like me:) You may appreciate a recent find;

? firefox

There are some neat little extensions here. I love the little SEO button but it appears that a lot of time could be spent playing around with these shortcuts and little work resulting.

Ah well, it's summer


Great find

This is a great find for all affiliates and i would recommend adding it to your firefox downloads.

Another two which are good if like me (a web designer) prefer firefox to the more annoying i.e

1. HTML Tidy - this checks the code errors on your site and offers a fix so that your site becomes 100% tidy. Great for enabling crawlers to read the site more productively.

2. I.E preview. A simple addon so that when you preview your site in firefox, simply click this button and it will show you the preview in i.e - This is more for the lazy designers who cannot be bothered to open the site within the ie window.


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That's what i landed on.

Interested to know what it actually was though.

Linda Buquet

Sorry Edwin. What link are you referring to?

The only link I see in this thread is <a href="">? firefox</a> and it resolves for me.

Oregon Coast Guy

One of the most useful Firefox add-ons I have is Google Browser Sync. It will actually sync up all your browsers, on-the-fly. For example, if I'm at work and I bookmark a site, get a cookie, or hit a web site that goes into my history, it will automatically sync up my browser at home.

As Borat would say, "Vera nice!" ;)


Nice addons. I didn't have time to find addons because I was so tight up with work and couldn't check it for new ones.
But someone did here, I appreciate the effort :)

Thanks a lot.