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Selling Traffic Ad Serving Platform (Try for $0.99)

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by CPX Center, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. CPX Center

    CPX Center Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hello AF Members,

    We're an all-in-one ad serving platform based in Toronto, Canada. We're currently offering new clients a 30-day trial period for only $0.99.

    What can you do using our platform?

    Use it as an ad buyer (advertiser): Create campaigns/creatives and buy CPV/CPC/CPM traffic on our private ad exchange.

    Use it as an ad seller (publisher): Input your sites/ad zones into the platform and sell traffic on our private ad exchange.

    Use it as an ad network: Bring on your own clients as advertisers & publishers and manage your daily network activity. We generate a sign-in/up page for your clients for easy access into their own dedicated admin systems.

    Want to try a demo?

    Send us a message on AF or add us on Skype: support@myadmarket.com and we'll send you a link to a demo account or have one of our Account Managers run you through a descriptive demo.

    How much do we charge?

    This depends on what you want to use our platform for (as described above).

    If you're ONLY looking to buy or sell traffic then you can open our Ad Exchange plan: $29/per month.

    If you're looking to both buy & sell and have your members join your white label platform then you can open our Standard plan: $99/ per month or higher plans based on the number of impressions

    For more details visit: MyAdMarket Pricing & Comparison Chart
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