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  1. Tshepo Slavo

    New here!

    Hi Everyone, Tshepo here! Really excited to be here. For some reason I feel like I will get the answers I have been missing as far as affiliate marketing is concerned. What I would like to learn most about is CPA MARKETING, how to start with a low budget. I hope I will find some help and...
  2. Jessica0312Wang

    Nutra Offers, High Payout, Good CR Promised

    Hi, There. We have several in-house nutra offers, looking for Facebook & Native traffic in US& CA. If interested. Email me at:
  3. Helen Wingoads


    Use most popular payout models: CPM/CPA/CPI/RevShare US, UK, CA, AU – $ 2 CPM FR, DE, BE, IT, ES, AT, CH – $ 1 CPM Rest of the World – $ 0.15 CPM CONTACT US:
  4. Rishi Dutt Sharma

    Looking For Looking for USA?CA offers with Pop Up Redirect Traffic

    Hello, I am Looking for Pop Up Redirect Traffic. Have superbad experience with AdCash, AdSterra, PropellerAds, 7search lately because of superhigh bot traffic despite of putting a dense blacklist.
  5. FXORO Affiliates

    Buying Traffic Buying Forex/CFDs. Up to $1,000 CPA. Licensed Broker!

    www FXORO com Forex, CFD traffic. Using our compliant Landing Pages and materials. Licensed broker. Sales team with over 5 years Forex experience. No prepayment for leads - performance CPA. Highest CPA in industry! World Class tracking system + API + Pixel + Full Media kit. For more information...
  6. Julia Tubecorporate

    The highest CPM rates for everyone!

    Got tube or image traffic? Earn stable money in adult industry! Our primary goal is to secure maximum earnings and tools usability for our traffic sellers, that is why we created innovative pricing methods per each country and device, as well as provided unique statistic analysis, so our...
  7. C

    Selling Traffic Ad Serving Platform (Try for $0.99)

    Hello AF Members, We're an all-in-one ad serving platform based in Toronto, Canada. We're currently offering new clients a 30-day trial period for only $0.99. What can you do using our platform? Use it as an ad buyer (advertiser): Create campaigns/creatives and buy CPV/CPC/CPM traffic on our...
  8. A

    Buying Traffic Buying Traffic(WAP)

    Contact me if you have any traffic of wap or recommend me traffic owners, thank you with love Winniesue.s
  9. DaynaAdnium

    Buying Mobile Pop-Unders, All GEOs

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy World-wide mobile pops on CPM or flat rate. daynagsmi on Skype, or dayna[at]grandslammedia[dot]com via email
  10. Jeff_Z

    Buying Traffic Looking for Vietnam CPL Education traffic

    Hi everyone, We have an Education CPL offer (direct, non-incent) that targets Vietnam. If you have one or more good traffic sources for this, please let me know. Let's see how we can work together. Thanks, Jeff