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achieved many 1st in month of Oct

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by MinionBanana, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. MinionBanana

    MinionBanana Affiliate affiliate

    The month of Oct has been another learning curve for me and achieving my many first, let me list it down below.
    - biggest single day profit $196.73
    - largest single day loss $171.99
    - highest single day revenue $351.30
    - highest EPV of $120 of one target of a campaign achieved
    - found a potential goldmine: costs $50, return $480 but the offer got paused
    - one of my profitable campaign offer payout got reduced 65% and it is no longer profitable for me to run and I paused it

    Revenue month to date = $2212.31
    Cost month to date = $2632.82
    Profit month to date = -$420.51

    I first started off with Media Traffic and moving on to learn 50onred POP, intext and trying out Lead Impact and finally landed on Traffic Vance US and TV Intl. 2 weeks ago, I use the affiliate fix coupon to test out PPC platform 7Search. Just to familiarize myself with the diff platforms and their reach, each has got its own advantages and I made several mistakes in this month and burnt some money which I jot it down purposely in my notebook to remind myself not to make them again.
    - I optimize a campaign too quickly, I add variations of a converting URL too quickly and scaling it to other traffic source prematurely. I should be more patient and waited for more conversions and confirm the offer demand before doing any optimization.
    - I should try to avoid to test an offer at the beginning stage with different traffic source and different countries if the offer permits.

    So, I intend to start the month of Nov a bit differently. Fully focus on just one traffic source and keep launching campaigns and be patient and stick to some set of fix rules and try to control the temptation to sidetrack and to control the budget as well.

    Till date, have already spent a considerably amount on this journey and good to have a day job to finance this. Have to control budget and cashflow well and still looking forward to make this work. This morning I was going to logon to affiliate fix forum and to write this thread post and one of the thread caught my eyes "Internet Marketing is DEAD!!!!!!" by tedheywood. I click into it and read it which I feel is very true and well said. It's the attitude that counts and as long as you do not give up, you are still in the game. You stand a chance to succeed. Luck will befall on you somehow someday. I had a brush with goldmine (i believe but got paused and had a little taste of how it can feels like but could be because of I am a bit too slow to react to benefit from it earlier/better.

    Also made a promise to myself if I manage to have a +ve month or probably lucky enough to win the $500 giveaway from affiliate fix, I will reinvest the $$ into CPA. One of the way is to join the Dojo lifetime.
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  2. newbidder
  3. Yvon

    Yvon Affiliate affiliate

    Excellent post, I´m glad to see that you have a positive attitude and are using your job to fund your CPA Journey. Keep us posted.
  4. MinionBanana

    MinionBanana Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Yvon, thanks for the compliment.
    It's the below that excites me and wish to achieve it again.


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