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“Adsterra”/  “CPA - New CB Product, Pays 75%

Andrea Williams

New Member is happy to launch its affiliate programme in association with ClickBank!

The program pays 75% of $49.95, which is $33.90 per sale.

Bonus commissions: If you make 90 sales of our product per month (only 3 sales per day), please contact me at andrea AT abundantwealthsystem DOT com for bonus commissions which will be paid through PayPal!

If you would like to promote Abundant Wealth System, replace the XXXXX with your ClickBank affiliate ID.


As you know, ClickBank pay promptly by check on the 1st and 16th of every month.

The product consists of several websites designed by my team already set up to make money from reputable affiliate programs. This is not a site that makes money from web hosting fees, unlike some well-known scams that are on ClickBank at the moment. We are good people, and very committed to actually helping people make money, and also offer several personally written eBooks on Internet Marketing to help them market online.

We have conducted PPC sales tests over April and May and feel that the conversion rate has been sufficiently tested to start recruiting affiliates, so you can start sending visitors with confidence :)

Join our free affiliate program now at:

Abundant Wealth System: 75% Affiliate Program

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about our product and affiliate program.

Kind regards,