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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by liliya29, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. liliya29

    liliya29 Ms affiliate

    Hi, my name is Liliya Marshalkin and I am a successful online entrepreneur. I am here to share my success story with all those who dream to earn money while working online. I will not take much of your time since I know the value of time. So here we start; I always had a passion to work for myself. I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. But at the same time I wanted to spend more and more time with my family. I might be able to manage both, family and business but then I got pregnant. It was the time when I wanted to stay at home but also wanted a fair income coming every month.

    About nine (9) years ago I started a journey to explore the opportunities to work from home. Like many others I have spent thousands of dollars on courses, webinars and live events to learn the best and applicable ways to make money online. After going through these courses I made up my mind for internet marketing considering it a very productive business. I was not lucky enough to find a right person to follow and learn from but I was fortunate enough to find someone who told me tips and tricks to sell successfully on eBay. He had a coaching program and I jumped on it, learned the basics and started working on eBay.

    Earning money just for the sake of living was not my aim but I had bigger dreams. I wanted to travel around the world with my family. I wanted to be rich enough to give donations and charities. Since spending quality time with family was my first priority so I was looking for a way to make scads of money by working part time.

    It seems impossible, I also used to think same but actually I was wrong. If you are determined and really want to achieve something then you will definitely achieve it. I was working very hard and actually I was doing pretty well on eBay. Here I want to add, I was a full time seller on eBay for more than four years. I was working 50-60 hours a week and was earning $7,000-$10,000 a month. Yes, it was great but the problem was I had to do lots of work to be more creative and competitive. There was no break or holiday because I knew, if I would stop working even for a single day my income were go down and I’d be no more able to maintain my position. Also the trouble was, eBay was changing its rules and policies for sellers constantly so I had to work even harder and longer. I was not giving proper time to my two kids and husband and that was really very frustrating. Finally I said good bye to eBay and started searching for a better opportunity where I would be able to earn more money in less time.

    Internet marketing or affiliate marketing was Hobson choice for me to convert my dream into reality. I would be able to earn lots of money in less time only if I knew how to do online marketing. I have read many success stories of the people who made extraordinary money over the internet. Finally, I decided to start a business on internet but I had no idea about where to start and how to manage. I was in search of such a person who could guide me in a proper way.I faced criticism. People said that I was just wasting time and money since it was not easy to learn a new business. But I believed that when you decide to do something and stuck to it, you achieve it. It is said, slow and steady wins the race. Yes, I had to work very hard while being patient and consistent. I kept very busy and it was really tough to manage. During this struggle I learned that you can climb the mountain by taking small steps every day. Things which seemed very complicated in the beginning started to get simpler. So the day came when I started my own business and it is going very good now. I don’t have to work a lot; in fact I am working three times less than I used to work on eBay. Best part about this business is, it improves with the passage of time and you get more and more profit. Now I am living an ideal life. I have no tough schedule and I don’t have to work every day. I can give proper time to my family and I can enjoy my life to the fullest.

    For all those people who tried to de-motivate me on my way to success, I want to say that just imagine going to university for 4-6 years. It’s the time when you are not earning. You have to spend serious amount of money on books and tuitions. And a little percentage of graduates is lucky enough to find jobs. These jobs offer a pay package of $3,000-$5,000 a month while you have to work whole day. This salary may fulfill your needs but definitely you can’t make your dreams and wishes come true in this budget, while you can learn all about online business in 1-3 months depending upon your learning capability. Once you will learn then you can start your own business and can make lots of money while working part time. I don’t promise anything since I don’t know your capabilities. But what I know is there are many who started here and learned this business in short time with little efforts and now they are having very successful life.
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    Welcome to the Fix - I see you haven't yet launched your blog? Looks very unfinished....best of luck.

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