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Ask Me Anything About Landing Pages (Sponsored by LandingPageGuys.com)

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by K, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Ask Me Anything About Landing Pages

    As you may or may not know I'm one half of the LandingPageGuys along side my partner @Andy Haskins

    Over the last year or two we've done in excess of 1000 landing pages for clients big and small.

    Myself and Andy will try and answer all your questions regarding landing page setups, layouts, design and integration.

  2. newbidder
  3. arunk89

    arunk89 Affiliate affiliate

    Can you tell us what kind of LPs are good for which niches?
    egs- Simple Landing page with bullet points and some texts and a image.
    Visually complex landing page but with bullet point, simple texts and few images.
    Text heavy Lps. Like long reports.
  4. InboXer

    InboXer Affiliate affiliate

    Where do you get inspired guys to make such high converting LPs ?
    Where do you recommend us to start learning HTML/CSS ?

    Thank You
  5. infoshine

    infoshine Affiliate affiliate

    For Finance niche which type of landing page works. Normal with image and bullet point, survey style or other?
  6. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    It's very hard to go through each and every niche, if you can maybe tell me a few you are into I can advise.

    It all comes with time and practise like absolutely everything to do with IM. Our first pages didn't convert too well but we didn't stop. We were able to work very closely with one large affiliate and agency and optimised our pages until we found a formula. It's not rocket science and the thing is no page will fit all. You need to build on what you know, test, track, record results then put them into place in a new page and split test.

    We now have a shortlist of say 10 things we make sure we do on ALL page no matter what the vertical or niche just to insure there's no excuses for bad performance. Once these are done its all about split testing. Like I said there's no one fit page or layout that will convert for everything you need to test and track.

    As far as learning HTML, if you have a budget, don't! I'm a firm believer in letting people who are good at something be good at it! If you don't have time to learn HTML or struggle with it then allow someone else who's good at it to do it and spend your time on something you're good at. However if you do want to learn I would just recommend getting stuck in. Find a basic tutorial online and start building sites from scratch. I never learned to code and i'm on no way fluent, our staff are amazing but I pick stuff up by just diving into the HTML or CSS and making changes. Use the visual editor so you don't break things!

    "Finance" is such a wide niche what specific type of financial are you referring to? As far as loans, debt etc then lead gen style pages is 100% the way to go if you can host the form yourself.

    Hero shot top left
    Form top right
    Submit button above the fold
    Bullet points below
    Trust images

    If you're using pre sales landers then sending traffic to another offer then i'd always prequalify/interest the lead with survey style questions but don't over do it - usually 2 step is more than enough!
  7. ProfitHacks

    ProfitHacks Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Man,

    In your opinion, What are the best type of Anti-Virus landers which comply with pretty strict regulations. Also, do you have any resources with JS scripts for things like JS Pops, Count up timers, Countdown timers, etc and anything else you may have seen?
  8. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    We haven't done or seen many anti-virus landers but what I would say is split test something that looks more like a browser lander. For example if you visit a 404 page on chrome etc, maybe something that looks a little less "flashy" with all the neon lights, warnings etc and something that looks more "official" and trustworthy.

    As for JS codes you will find some nice additions inside The Dojo and AffKit.com membership, just ask any questions in there on how to install etc. Also a good search on google will always churn up some free scripts and take a look at code canyon!
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  9. ProfitHacks

    ProfitHacks Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you brother, Searching now.
  10. arc0300

    arc0300 Affiliate affiliate

    a few questions about mobile landing pages and adwords (display and search international - no USA traffic)
    - you take an offer and create a mobile landing page for it. but to my understanding, google isn't going to approve just a single lander. so do you create a site and just duplicate the landing page design for each offer in order to create a more robust site? my confusion is coming from the web side of adwords where you're suppose to create content sites based on quality scores.

    - do you create mobile landing pages with jquery or through like a mobile wordpress plugin like wptouch?
  11. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    1. Adwords is tricky, some people cloak, others will do it legitimately by building informational sites with articles and content but with clever call to actions, inner links, forms and buttons. We don't work much with adwords tbh.

    2. jQuerey because all of our stuff is custom built.
  12. Tanner

    Tanner Affiliate affiliate

    Whats the best practise, mobile pages or responsive?
  13. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    It depends on your offer but always go fully responsive regardless.

    I'd then recommend split testing between a responsive lander and one built purposely for mobile traffic.
  14. Roze

    Roze Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, I have purchased a domain that I'm using as a Bridge Page from Bing to my MB offer. In the end it came out to be a mini-site. I wanted to know how I can hide/ the MB affiliate links on my LP. LP was created via Instapage. Is that what's called cloaking?
  15. ahenry

    ahenry Affiliate affiliate

    First off, you might be wondering about the difference between responsive websites and mobile web apps. Both terms refer to the use of web designs that are able to self-adapt to any device in order to be seen.

    Responsive web became popular when businesses realized that working poorly on mobile devices could mean the difference between a potential user/customer choosing them or the competition.

    It’s pretty obvious, actually. When we’re looking for a service or product, and the website doesn’t work perfectly smoothly, we will probably refine the search rather than waiting for the first one to give results.
  16. Hungryforaction

    Hungryforaction Affiliate affiliate

    Is there in your opinion a conversion difference with pre-made pages like Instapage (which I personally think is awesome) or do you prefer the custommade ones because of their uniqueness?

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