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Ask Me Anything About AdsBridge tracking platform

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Alex AdsBridge, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Ask me anything about AdsBridge this February on AffiliateFix.com Affiliate Marketing Forum.

    Hello all, I'm Alex, Head of Product Development at AdsBridge.
    :ninja: Browsing the AffiliateFix.com forum I came to conclusion - it's a really friendly place, where it is great to connect with serious performance marketers and exchange your business experience.;)
    This month I'm going to be super active as a member of AffiliateFix forum so be sure to send me all your questions

    Let me remind you what is special about AdsBridge tracking software:

    AdsBridge, Next Generation Tracking Software

    The best about AdsBridge is that while providing a wide range of killing features it’s free to use.
    We do not plan on becoming a paid solution within the next 6 months.
    Right now the whole team is extremely focused on improving the SaaS version, releasing new features and updates every week. We work hard to improve our software and meet a higher quality level.

    If you need to find out more about AdsBridge, we are ready to offer a helping hand.
    Feel free to fill out our Demo Request form here.

    Please check related threads, where you can find more information about AdsBridge:
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    So, go ahead, shoot me a question and I will get back to you ASAP!:)
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. ershaka

    ershaka Affiliate affiliate


    Can you let us know the main differences with Voluum? Besides the landers functionality.

    Meaning, why should an affiliate consider moving from one platform to another?

    Kind regards.
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  4. Hi ershaka,

    Besides the landing page builder, which is a very powerful and feature-rich tool by itself, there is a number of unique features you can benefit from.
    First of all it is a free tracker. No traffic limitations at all.
    We also do not limit users with number of custom domains. You can use as many as you want.
    AdsBridge also support multi-user access muth different roles for each. This feature is very useful for agencies.
    We also have an SMS and email notification system. You set up the rules when you want to be notified. Let's say you want to be notified when CR on a certain campaign drops below 6% or when you have spent a certain amount of money on a campaign. When the given condition is satisfied, you get an email or an SMS.
    Apart from those we have a unique reporting system that supports different timezones as well as it gives you drill down reports in any given KPI.
    Probably the most revolutionary feature is coming up very soon. Automatic optimization will deliver your traffic to the top converting offers at all times without making you spend any of your time on it.

    I say sign up, check it out and you will see why using AdsBridge is the best option on the market at this point.
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  5. cpaheaven

    cpaheaven Affiliate affiliate

    what is diferent with voluum or cpv lab?
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  6. Hi cpaheaven,
    Despite the availability of highly recommended tracking solutions nowadays, more and more advanced marketers join AdsBridge every day, so what is special about AdsBridge?
    AdsBridge tracking software is perfect for those "choosy" online marketers who are looking for "Volume-like features", even better but for lower price tag. Our service is of the same high quality as our competitors - we're just a little different.
    Aso we are going to beat the competition by offering an unforgettable customer service. Just contact our Support manager to realise what I mean. ;) And finally , AdsBridge is on Free Beta and has no traffic limitations.
    And, you know, some tracking solutions can get expensive if we're talking about traffic volume growth. So if you want to save money and don't want to pay extra after you reach your click limit, you should give AdsBridge a try!

    Best Regards.
  7. cpaheaven

    cpaheaven Affiliate affiliate

    why my landing page from LP creator in adsbridge it not working,
    the layout of the website is not in place should , images , buttons , all coincide
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  8. Hi again, cpaheaven, of course we'd be happy to assist you)
    Please contact our support manager via skype ( adsbridge.support) or email ([email protected]) as we would need a number of details from you regarding your landing page settings.
    I've just passed this issue to support team and they're waiting for your request. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. tourist

    tourist Affiliate affiliate

    is it free for next 6 months?
    sorry my English is poor.
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  10. Thanks for your question, tourist! We're going to be free until the beginning of July. I can guarantee our pricing plan will be competitive.
  11. ershaka

    ershaka Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Alex,

    Looking forward for that Automatic optimization thingie :)

    I already signed up and will check it out :)
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  12. timethiaw

    timethiaw Affiliate affiliate

    First off, I have to say that AdsBridge is showing to be one of the best cloud based tracking software that i have come across.

    What they offer:
    (Landing Pages) You are able to create landing pages and campaigns with the service. They have some ready to go templates, to give you some starting ideas and you can customize them anyway you see fit.

    (Campaigns) Creating a campaign is super easy and you can easily add the landing pages you created and have the campaign ready to go in under 5 minutes.

    Besides the services, their customer support is top of the line. My customer service assistant is one of the best I've ever come across. She was always responsive and willing to help with things as they came up, she even got the design team to help me out with a landing page I was trying to create.

    I would HIGHLY recommend their services to anyone, like my self who was just starting out since they have everything you need. Plus, since their still in Beta Testing so everything is free right now.
  13. upforsale

    upforsale Affiliate affiliate

    What will be your price range when you launch?
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  14. Hey upforsale, thanks for your question!
    As you already know, AdsBridge - next gen tracker and lander builder, is on free open beta until July 2nd.
    Regarding the pricing plan I can guarantee that it will be competitive. You will be positevely suprised when we go live. ;)
  15. alex.b

    alex.b New Member affiliate

    Is this just a rumor or is AdsBridge made by the affiliate network Clickdealer?
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  16. Hi, alex.b,
    thanks for your question. AdsBridge is not created by a CPA network. AdsBridge and ClickDealer are separate companies.
  17. vertimarketing

    vertimarketing Affiliate affiliate


    This seems awesome I will keep an eye on it and might even try it out if you guys offer a few things.

    Do you have mutliple page tracking so multiple landers in one path campaign?

    or multiple offer tracking like an offewall type of situation?

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  18. Hi, vertimarketing!

    We have exactly what you need. You can take advantage of our tools with A/B split testing, where you will be able to use different landers for the offer and split them to get a sum of 100% and see which of them converts better.

    Feel free to refer to our Support Department, they will be glad to answer all your questions. You can reach them by the following contacts:
    skype: adsbridge.support
    AIM: [email protected]
    Direct line: +1 323 928 9990
  19. codyg1234

    codyg1234 Affiliate affiliate

    I have tried to use Adsbridge so far and I really like some of the features. However the one thing I find lacking is how confusing it is to set up. There should be in my opinion some videos helping you out. I have managed to setup Prosper 202 and had it up and running, but I find these variables confusing. I am using an affiliate network that uses cake. So at this point I am still confused on the setup and that is what is holding me back as far as all the token insertions. I did setup a traffic source but am not real confident that I did that correctly either. Any recommendations?
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  20. Thanks for your feedback, @codyg1234)
    It might seem overwhelming at first due to the fact you're used to admin panels of other tracking solutions,
    but creating new campaigns and managing old ones is really easy at AdsBridge..
    Please contact our support manager and request a demo! We'd be happy to demonstrate the ease and power of AdsBridge tracking platform in 15 minutes.
    And yes, thanks for your valuable advise, we're in the process of creating tutorial videos at the moment.

    Thank you for your time and patience.
  21. wilhb81

    wilhb81 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Alex 099,

    For your information, I've signed up and tried to create my own landing pages in Adsbridge. However, I also encountered the similar issues as cpaheaven did (Those images and URL's were all collide altogether at the top left corner of the landing pages)

    I was wondering, is there any guides/videos that can demonstrate on how to create proper landing pages?

    Thanks in advanced,
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