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ABC's of Affiliate Marketing

Ferret Lord

I sent Linda a message and she requested I place it on the forum so here it is.


First, I have been a member on your site for a while now and love it. great work.

I am currently not doing any affiliate marketing and there is a reason for this. I don't REALLY know what to do. I have the general idea but not really.

I would like to suggest a sticky thread in the newbie section that gives a basic outline of steps you need to do to get started. for example....

!. find a niche market.
1a. how to do it
2. find affiliate programs involving that niche
2a. What do I look for
2b. where do I look
3. What do I do next?
3a. do I need to create a website.
3b. can I just advertise with links on existing sites?
3c. what about just advertising with links on search engines?
4. affiliate management software.
4a. what to look for?
4b. Why do I need it?
5. what should I avoid in the affiliate marketing world and why?

You get the idea.

Alot of people like myself are really wanting to get involved but don't know the first thing to do, let alone the second and third and forth etc. etc.

A basic proceedure to follow would be a great help.

I know the steps are covered throughout your site but not in one organized thread involving the ABC's of it all.

Thanks for reading this.


I know this is a lot of info to request in one shot but even though I enjoy reading the posts that are made, to stop and read every one archived here to get these answers would take forever. I am just trying to sum it up as best as possible for myself and others who want this information.


A good step-by-step guide to affiliate publishing is the James Martell Affiliate Handbook. It will answer pretty much most of the questions you have posted and it is geared towards those who have no idea about the business. There is a cost for it but it is well worth it. It got me started in the affiliate business.

Everything he talks about can be found on the net for free but it would take you months of research and effort to find it and there is so much conflicting advice on the net. Its a step-by-step guide to setting up an affiliate website.

You can read a review I have written for his manual by clicking the link in my signature below and you can download free the first 35 pages of it to get an idea. Otherwise just type in "James Martell handbook" in Google to find more info.

Linda Buquet

Thanks Jeny,

Steve, sorry I've been buried every since I asked you to post that info.
Well try to answer some of the questions and get some step-by-step stuff posted.

As I told you by PM its really hard because there is not one best way to start, there are many ways and many opinions. After the holidays I'll have more time to post.