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A PPC One-Two Punch

Oregon Coast Guy

I've been delving into the Pay-Per-Click realm a lot more with Google Adwords and really enjoying it. It's really an art form to be learned and mastered. Once I got down the basics, learned from the pros (I'm always learning more!), and put my new-found knowledge to use, I found so much benefit with Adwords and PPC in general.

I wanted to share exactly what I am using to build my campaigns and get the clicks I need. As you know, I do not promote anything that I have not used and found to be extremely useful. That way, the passion is real and I feel good about sharing things with other people.

The first thing is an e-book by Perry Marshall called, "The Definite Guide To Google Adwords." This book has taught me a load about creating good PPC campaigns that work well, constructing awesome ads that get the click and a lot more. I believe that you'd benefit from it as much as I have and continue to do (I use is as a resource).

The other thing is a brilliant piece of software from Brad Callen called "Keyword Elite." I believe this software to be the best thing you can get for analyzing niches, seeing what your PPC competition is doing, creating top-paying keyword lists and putting together truly winning campaigns.

Anyway, those are my tops picks for anything PPC. I've found that there is a good deal of money that can be made with PPC, if you know what you're doing. I love these two things and I hope they bring you as much success as they have me! :D