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A picture is worth a thousand words


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This is a good example of a picture being worth a thousand words. You must see it in order to appreciate it.

The tallest dog in the world meets the smallest dog in the world. It was arranged by Guinness World Records. The 2 dogs had their pictures taken together. It is really something seeing the two of them looking at each other. A person has to wonder what was going through the mind of each dog at the time.

This link is to an article about these two dogs and it has those fascinating pictures
It's a dog's life as the world's tallest pooch meets the smallest | the Daily Mail


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Very cute picture!

Growing up I had a couple of Great Danes and I think they make one of the best pets around, I don't think ours were quite that tall though :eek:


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Jamie, that sounds like something you would say.

I still would like to know what each one of them was thinking then.