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A New Online Franchise Idea in BizCounters


Over the last few years, there have been a lot of new internet franchises popping up out there and they are one of those areas that you need to be careful in as there are some that will not offer much return or that will not work on a proven business model. We are sure that you have all heard of Groupon as it is the fastest growing company ever created and is now present in many different countries around the world. The idea behind the website is that it offers a deal of the day each day of the week and then takes a commission on any sales. This is a proven business model and now, you can own a similar business. The idea behind BizCounters is based on the Groupon business model only this one is aimed towards businesses. Basically, BizCounters is a website; like Groupon, that offers a deal of the day with the only different being that the deals are B2B. This means that you might choose to offer a daily deal of something like 10 percent off local printing in your area or something similar like that. All businesses will want to save money and every time a business buys one of your deals, you will make a bit of money from the company offering the deal. This is a win win situation for everyone and this is what makes the business model so appealing. The thing about Groupon and BizCounters is that you make money from commission meaning that the businesses advertising with you have nothing to lose at all. This means that it will be easy to attract business and get the BizCounters franchise started Of course, with the website being a franchise too, you will be given all of the training that you will need in order to run the website and generate the sales. The network is relatively small at the moment but we are sure that it will grow quickly with this proven business model .The cost of joining the franchise is ?9,950 which is quite a lot of money, so make sure you look into it as much as you can before buying.