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Seized Luxury Homes, the No. 1 auction resource of seized real estate on the Internet, now promises affiliates as much as 70 per cent of every sale made!

Pittsburgh, PA: Affiliate marketers, pick up your socks. By promoting Seized Luxury Homes on your web site, you stand to make as much as 70 per cent of every sale that the web site makes.

?With more people turning to the Internet as their source for real estate and houses, our business model of selling seized real estate is a gold mine just waiting to be tapped,? says Paul Mileny of Seized Luxury Homes. ?Affiliates who promote us can make thousands of dollars without having to stir an inch from home.?

Seized Luxury Homes (available at capitalizes on the fact that every day, thousands of homes are seized by governments and financial institutions, and that they are then sold off at bargain prices. Customers can thus buy million-dollar homes for as little as 10 per cent of the original price, through the auctions on the web site.

The affiliate program works by offering promoters 70 per cent of every sale made, simply for promoting Seized Luxury Homes on the Internet, by posting ads or using Google advertising. The best affiliates, Mileny estimates, stand to make more than $5,000 a week.

?With very little effort, our affiliate marketing program offers a chance to really rake in the money,? says Mileny. ?Online real estate brokerage is a rapidly burgeoning industry, and our affiliates can ride the wave to success and riches.?

About Seized Luxury Homes

Seized Luxury Homes is the No. 1 seized real estate auction resource on the Internet. By giving customers an opportunity to shop at local and online auctions, the web site covers luxury real estate in every American state. For more information, please visit