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A FREE Tool that helps creating High ROI campaigns

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by ROI Addict, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. ROI Addict

    ROI Addict Affiliate affiliate

    A FREE Tool that helps creating High ROI campaigns!

    I want to show you a Free Tool and tell you about how I use it to create high ROI campaigns.


    Technically it’s a „spy-tool“ but it actually is much more than that. We should all know that spying is not only about ripping banners and landers.

    Instead you should try to uncover sources of traffic that you didn’t know before.

    This tool is perfect for that but not only that. It actually is something like spying on steroids.

    You can find information like:

    • How much traffic is in a certain GEO?
    • Who are the biggest pubs on a traffic source?
    • Which sources of traffic convert with a certain offer?
    • Who is sending the most traffic to an offer?
    • What’s their strategy for buying media?
    Questions that you would love to ask at networking events but people would never answer. This Tool that can give you answers to these questions. The tool I’m talking about is http://www.similarweb.com.


    You can use Similarweb in a couple different ways.

    You can analyze traffic sources. As an example you can take the referral link of a traffic source and paste it into SimilarWeb.

    You’ll see how much traffic there is. How much traffic in a certain GEO. Who are the biggest publishers on the traffic sources and so on.

    You can research offers. Just paste the offer link into SimilarWeb to see which traffic sources work best for that offer, who is sending the most traffic, which GEOs work best for the offer etc.

    You can also research publishers. Paste the tracking domain to see which creatives they use, where they buy their traffic and uncover their strategy for buying media.

    Here’s an example: I took an offer and pasted the offer domain into SimilarWeb.


    If you see an increase like that it means you probably should jump on that offer because it’s blowing up.

    You’ll also see things like estimated traffic and the bounce rate. Looking at the bounce rate you can conclude the CVR a little bit. It won’t be too accurate but it’s a good indicator.


    Similarweb is also giving you a visual Geo breakdown. Obviously this was a DE offer.

    This is more useful for multi geo offers because it’ll show you the strongest GEOs for that offer.

    Scrolling down a bit more it gets really interesting.


    You’ll see the top referring sites/publishers.

    I blurred them out here because I don’t want to out anyone’s domains.

    You can also click them and see their breakdowns individually.

    Scrolling down some more you’ll see the sites and the traffic sources generating the most traffic.


    On the left side you’ll see the sites on which this offer is being promoted. Then you can do your research on who’s selling traffic from these sites.

    On the right side you’ll see the traffic sources / ad networks with a traffic breakdown.

    You can also click the ‚Show the Ads‘ button to see some creatives. If you’re just looking for creatives I would recommend other spy tools though.

    Here’s a Pro Tip:
    I researched a bunch of offers, publishers and traffic sources. Then I put all the information I found into a big spreadsheet.

    Especially all the traffic sources I wasn’t working with before. So then I had a bunch of new traffic sources. And because it’s a lot of work to contact them all one by one I hired a VA to do this for me.

    I had him sign up for accounts, contact them via email and talk to reps on Skype to get the information I needed.

    So I had my accounts set up, got a new spreadsheet with the contacts of the reps, an inventory report with a breakdown of their traffic and often some tips and tricks on how to run on the sources / how to use the platform given by the traffic reps.

    All I had to do now was fund and create some campaigns to start testing.

    It’s a really powerful way to create high ROI campaigns and make a lot of money.


    Use it to do your market research.

    Use it to find untapped sources and use it to analyze these sources. That way you don’t have to test blindly.

    Basically what you can do with SimilarWeb is analyze and use the data of other people for free.

    It’ll save and make you a ton of money

    Use it also to find untapped markets, different GEOs and verticals that you haven’t tried before. Use the data to create highly profitable campaigns.

    I don’t know where you guys stand with your business but if you’re a little tight on budget it’s the perfect way to create high ROI campaigns that you need to build up your budget.

    Use SimilarWeb to strategize your testing and scaling. It’s very important to have a good strategy and keep your focus especially when scaling campaigns.

    Don’t be lazy, analyze your markets, make that spreadsheet and really dig deep in the data. Cause trust me on that.

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  2. terraleads
  3. qureyoon

    qureyoon Affiliate affiliate

    Excellent share!

    Got a couple of questions:

    What do you mean the referral link?

    Can you elaborate more about how the bounce rate can tell you the CVR?

    Thanks again!
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2015
  4. ROI Addict

    ROI Addict Affiliate affiliate

    Hey man glad you found it helpful.

    Some traffic sources have a unique referral link. So if you take this link and paste it into SimilarWeb you're gonna get insights on the traffic source.

    The lower the bounce rate the higher the CVR (most likely). Like I said you're not gonna get an accurate metric at all. It's actually more of an indicator for landing page ctrs than the cvr.
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