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9/11 Birth of the Blog

Linda Buquet

For some reason this 9/11 has hit me harder than previous years. I feel the tragedy more now than I did when it happened for some reason and have been preoccupied with TV and Internet news stories. Here is one storyfrom Wired news that I found interesting.

When you think back on it, 9/11 really did help spur on the popularity of weblogs. Wired News reports:
<strong><a target="_new" href=",71753-0.html"> 9/11: Birth of the Blog</a></strong> "While phone networks and big news sites struggled to cope with heavy traffic, many survivors and spectators turned to online journals to share feelings, get information or detail their whereabouts. It was raw, emotional and new -- and many commentators now remember it as a key moment in the birth of the blog."

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This 9/11 also hit me very hard, and I don't fully understand why. I was watching a special on the history channel and I literally started balling when I saw the images. I also watched Flight 93 (the made for cable version of United 93) and picked up a copy of United 93 - while Flight 93 hit me a bit harder, both movies simply moved me. It instantly transported me to my living room that morning when it happened and it was as though I was reliving the day once again.

Though I wasn't in NY or had any family stolen from me in this tragedy, it broke my heart. And you're right, I believe it did help contribute to the growth of blogging as news needed to get out as fast as possible and people needed to understand it all.

~ Teli

Linda Buquet

Glad I wasn't alone in crying. I watched the "Hour of Power" church show on TV. It's held in the Crystal Cathedral which is a huge beautiful church.

They slowly raised the biggest flag I've ever seen. It filled the whole church and then they sang a tribute to 9/11 that brought me to tears.

Not sure why it's hitting me so much harder this year either but nice to know I'm not alone in feeling that way.