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6 ways to make money with link locker

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by strikefreedom, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. strikefreedom

    strikefreedom Affiliate affiliate

    The real benefit of using the site/service is to earn money by locking links/urls.
    You have probably seen websites around the internet that request that you fill out a particular
    survey before you are shown the actual content.

    Keep in mind that there are so many other ways to generate money using link locker, than the
    ones we have gone over below. Any links that you feel people would be willing to spend a little
    time to fill out a survey for, are worth a shot using a locked link. To get started, here
    are some very successful methods, starting with the more popular methods and working our
    way down to the more unique ones.

    6 tips for make money with link locker

    1) The Freemium Model - Are you a writer of an ebook, or creator of other valuable digital
    content? Have you tried selling this content with results you weren’t too fond of? Here is a
    solution. Make it FREE, and earn even more than you would if you had charged for it. By
    making it free and locking it with a blv.me url, you make your potential downloaders fill out
    a brief survey before they can download the free content. Each time they fill out the survey,
    you will earn money.

    2) The Yahoo Answers Method - This is one of the simplest and easiest of methods to utilize,
    and better yet it can also be one of the highest paying ones. Here are the steps in order to
    monetize this method using blv.me:
    Go to Yahoo! Answers - Home, click “advanced search”, then type in 'where to download' in
    the 'keywords section'. Click on the 'question status' and change to ‘open questions’. There will
    be 100s or even 1000s of results. All you have to do is click on one of the results. Let’s say for
    example, the result says “'where can I download The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for free”. You
    then go to Google and search 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo free download'. You will get a
    bunch of results. Find a good download link for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie, and
    then copy the URL link of the download. After this, go to blv.me/, login, and click “add
    link”. Then click download and it will lock your link with your own unique blv.me URL.
    After doing this, and retreiving your blv.me locked URL, post that locked link on Yahoo
    Note that Yahoo Answers does not allow Bee4.biz URLs, so you must remove the 'http://' and
    put brackets around the ' . ' for example like this . Make sure you also let
    the readers know, 'You may be required to complete a survey to unlock the download’.
    You can just keep repeating this process for each answer (takes only a few minutes for each
    answer), and you can use this same method for millions of other things, such as games,
    passwords, mp3s, ebooks, etc.
    You can also use Yahoo Answers to target a specific niche. For example, “Dogs”. You can
    search Yahoo Answers for “Dogs”, and then subscribe to the RSS feed. This way you will be
    notified whenever someone asks a question about “Dogs”. As soon as you see that question
    pop up, you will be able to be the first one to answer it. Now, when you answer, you could
    provide a resource, such as an ebook about dogs, or simply do the research yourself, and use
    Pastebin.com (see resources at bottom of this book for more info), and post your own details
    that answer the question there. Then lock you Pastebin.com url using Bee4.biz and provide that
    as a source for your answer or even the answer itself. You will be surprised how many of these
    people visit your locked URL and take the brief survey. Not only will the poster of the question
    be interested, but others that were wondering the same thing will as well.
    Note: You may also need to make multiple Yahoo accounts since you can only answer 20
    questions a day. The more locked link answers you do,the more likely your account will get
    suspended from Yahoo answers, do don’t use an account that is important to you.

    3) The YouTube Split Video Strategy - Create Youtube videos, and then only publish part
    of the video publicly. Make the second part of the video “unlisted” and then lock it using a
    Bee4.biz url. In the description of part 1 of the video, provide a link to “Part 2”. That link will be
    a Bee4.biz locked URL. Each time someone wants to watch “Part 2” of your video, they would
    have to fill out a survey, thus earning you money.

    4) The YouTube Hacks/Cracks/Trainer Method - Make a brief youtube video explaining that
    you have found a hack for something, or have a way to do something. Then say, “Click” The
    link below in the description of this video to download the Hack, Crack, Video, or whatever else
    it is you are offering. Then lock the download with a Bee4.biz URL, and post it int he description
    as well. Each time someone wishes to download the content, they will have to take a brief
    survey, in which you will earn money for. You may or may not want to forewarn users that they
    will need to take a brief survey. (See more awesome Youtube examples in the pages to follow)

    5) The Talent Method - This method is used by those who have a talent. This will include book
    authors, musicians, singers, etc. Most of these people, if they aren’t already famous, like to just
    get their name out there. Many of these individuals give away their content for free. Why not
    make a little extra money while doing it? Some of these talented people are now using Bee4.biz
    to give there content away for fee, all-the-while making some money at the same time.

    6) The Awesome Find Method - This is an easy method to use. You simply find files that have
    been uploaded to other websites such as filestube, hotfile, etc, or upload content yourself. For
    example, you may find a video that has been uploaded somewhere, or an awesome ebook.
    You simply lock the download URL using a link locker URL, and advertise it anywhere
    you want, including on forums, a website, your blog, other blogs, facebook, twitter etc. Each
    time someone wants to download that file, they will be asked to complete a survey first. Each
    time they do, you will earn money.

    Read more 6 tips for make money with link locker
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