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5 trustworthy payment providers you may never heard

Discussion in 'eCommerce Solutions' started by charlie.mcglynn78, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. charlie.mcglynn78

    charlie.mcglynn78 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello there.
    For some time I'd been working with PaySpace for my startup basically in Europe, but then I left the business. Now I think to try something new kind and, therefore, I monitor various payment methods that will not charge significant amounts for the transfers and be as comfortable as PaySpace for me.
    I would like to know if someone knows something more about these companies, positive and negative experience or, maybe, some alternative methods? Would be highly appreciated.

    So, here is some brief description that I found:
    1. PaySpace
    PaySpace provides the most outstanding web-based e-commerce technical services. We have set up the standard of extraordinary efficiency and highest results for the merchants and financial institutions of all types across the globe.

    Besides, PaySpace is rather flexible and can offer you a customizable payment environment to meet the specific needs of your clients.

    Almost 10 years on from its launch, PaySpace became an experienced high-risk payment provider offering a full suite of payment processing services. Today, they focus primarily on high-risk payment solutions, working with SaaS, online gambling, and dating businesses worldwide.

    Among the additional advantages of their high-risk merchant processing include:

    • Large acquiring network. Since they worked with a sheer number of both local and international acquiring partners, they can recommend the top choice for your particular industry.
    • PCI DSS compliance. Nowadays, the high-risk payments landscape is much different from what it looked like 10 years ago. That’s why PaySpace establish agreements with PCI DSS compliant banking partners only.
    • Multi-currency support. PaySpace has ready-made solutions for accepting the world’s most popular currencies while also processing local and commonly used credit card brands (e.g. Visa / MasterCard).
    • Fraud & chargeback management. Since fraud management is a key element of high-risk payment processing, PaySpace offers a full pack of leading-edge solutions to mitigate chargeback & fraud problems.
    • Customization on the go. They don’t provide their merchants with an all-in-one business package. Instead, they define a set of individual business requirements, speaking with each merchant in person and discussing solutions available for optimal rates.
    • They offer both 3D and non-3D-secure transactions processing aiming to meet the needs of your business
    2. Zenopayments
    It’s a team of Collections Industry Software Developers, PICK Programmers, & Front End Website Designers & Developers with more than 6 years of combined experience providing IT Services for collection agencies of all sizes. They call the Pacific Northwest home, but they’ve developed relationships with collection agencies and collections vendors across the country.

    Zeno Payments credit card processing can offer your collection agency a variety of key benefits:

    • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant
    • No equipment purchase required
    • Low high risk processing rates
    • Secure 24/7 online transaction reporting
    • Prompt funding of merchant accounts
    • Accepting credit and debit card payments cuts down on bad checks
    3. Leap payments
    Provide open, honest and transparent payment solutions with a strategic
    approach to help our clients reduce their costs and get paid faster.

    Leap Payments is a credit card processing company with experience working with companies in a wide range of industries. From restaurants to contractors, to eCommerce sites, we understand the unique challenges our clients face and partner with them to find solutions. We believe in a client-centered approach, which is why we also take time to assist companies that may be deemed “high risk” by other merchant services providers. With the widespread use of credit and debit cards, as well as NFC technology, your company needs both the equipment and a merchant account provider that can handle your transactions.

    Some of the solutions:

    • Mobile Processing
    • Next Day Funding
    • Online Invoicing
    • Point of Sale Systems
    • Lifetime Rate Lock
    • Shop Equipment
    • Virtual Terminal
    • Developer API Tools
    • Shop | Hardware & Supplies
    4. Soar Pay
    Soar Payments LLC launched in 2015 with the goal of providing industry-leading solutions in the high risk merchant account space.

    Since then, they have expanded to offer solutions to mid risk and low risk merchants, too — including many businesses owned by their friends and family, as well as hardworking entrepreneurs and business owners across the nation.

    A Houston-based team does indeed deliver that “Texas Hospitality” you’ve heard so much about! Cowboy boots are optional, but highly encouraged, at SoarPay headquarters.

    They Offer Credit Card Processing For Hard To Place And High Risk Businesses. With SoarPay, You Get:

    • An Instant Online Quote.
    • Industry Minimum Pricing.
    • USA-Based Customer Support.
    5. Instabill
    With more than 15 years experience in the payments industry, our goal is to provide our clients with fast, reliable and secure merchant services that will empower them to grow and succeed. This includes a variety of credit card processing options, merchant account solutions, and a PCI compliant payment gateway. Click on the name of each section to expand and learn more about our merchant services.

    From low risk to high risk, Instabill has provided customizable merchant accounts to e-commerce, POS and MOTO businesses worldwide since 2001. Working with domestic and international acquiring banks, we provide merchants:

    1. Credit Card Processing
    2. Check Solutions
    3. Alternative Payment Solutions
    4. Now Accepting Bitcoin
    5. Offshore Merchant Accounts
    6. Multi-Currency Processing
    7. Fraud Protection
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  2. Voluum
  3. welyjr

    welyjr Guest

    Looks great, which one above the best you think?
  4. towhidzaman

    towhidzaman Moderator moderator affiliate

    I've used Instabill personally. They are a good alternative. Support were friendly via phone.
  5. martinsmith

    martinsmith Affiliate affiliate

    Informative share, thanks for the needful post...
  6. Abu Monsur

    Abu Monsur Affiliate affiliate

    Does any company offers to accept Paypal like 2checkout?
  7. archemike

    archemike Affiliate affiliate

    Which ones go with shopify above?
  8. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate