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$5-10 MILLION a Year - Super Affiliate Story

Linda Buquet

I've blogged about Markus before and many of you may know his story. Markus Frind is an affiliate that pulls in $5-10 Million a year at his dating site PlentyofFish, which he runs pretty much single-handedly from his Vancouver apartment. This week his success story was published in the <strong><a target="_new" href="">Wall Street Journal</a>. </strong>
<blockquote>"When you have that kind of traffic, you can make money three ways: via Google's small text ads, with bigger banner ads and through "affiliate marketing," where other sites pay you for sending them customers. Mr. Frind does all three -- and does very well. A few months back, he posted on his blog a picture of a check from Google for nearly $1 million for a two-month period. Google confirmed the check was for real."</blockquote>
<strong><a target="_new" href="">Markus blogs</a></strong> about all the press he's been getting and says: "I?ve been getting a lot of attention lately because Plentyoffish climbed something like 40 spots on the rankings in 30 days (March/april) to get into the top 100 sites in the US based on visitors."

Hat tip to Andrew at the WebPublishing Blog for the story: <strong><a target="_new" href=""> now pulling in $5-$10 million a year; Google confirms past income</a></strong>


New Member
Inspiring story Linda :D

Amongst all the rumours and over-hyped claims about multi-millionare affiliate gurus, it's always great to hear a true success story!


Inspiring! And when it is featured on WSJ, you believe it (rather than the self proclaimed gurus with a scanned google copy of their earning showing some $)

Looked at the site - looks plain simple. Is it the free part that draws attention? How many of you have subscribe on the site after reading this new bit - would be interesting to know. :)