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4x times more EPC than before and i still have to split test.

Discussion in 'Testing, Optimization and Scaling' started by POLLITO122, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. POLLITO122

    POLLITO122 Affiliate affiliate

    When i was running dating offers with cpatank i had hundreds of clicks and just 2 leads in many months (an offer with 0,01 EPC after more than 250 clicks). Then as the Cpatank is closed i applied for friendfinder, and from there i got the amigos.com to send cheap mexican traffic. And now i have one lead for every 13 clicks with a landing that isn't still fully adapted to the new offer (and the offer has a black cta that makes me just the half of clicks as usual because i also have to put a black CTA).
    The problem is that the amigos.com offers only $0,5 (the mexican offer of cpatank was paying $1,1) for a lead (and it costs me like $0,6-$1 for a paid lead before split testing), and as i use percentage program, they pay me $0,05 per lead,that is very far from break even, but if i'm able to have cheaper leads i will obtain 100 leads or so and then see if somebody buys something.

    I've also been hunting adwares in my computer, and i found like 2 spywares, 4 adwares and some trojans. I do not know what effect did these viruses have in my conversions as my last complete computer scan was in july of 2010 (it takes like 24 hours to be done).
  2. newbidder

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