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48K In Less Than 4 Months (After Initial Failure)

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by beansbaxter, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. beansbaxter

    beansbaxter Affiliate affiliate

    I started my business in early August 2018 after unexpectedly losing my job (company folded). I will admit I had some advantages because I worked as an online marketing director the last 7 years but due to a non compete I am still bound to I could not promote offers in that category. I have access to my own trusted developers, graphic designers etc but anyone with a Fiverr account has the same thing.
    I thought succeeding in affiliate marketing would be easy because of my background and I failed early on. I lost money every day for the first 2 weeks (lost over $3,000). I was panicked and ready to quit. I was getting short with everyone and I felt like a failure ... I had literally managed over a million dollars per year in adspend each and every year for the last 7 years but it was WAY different when it was my own money being spent and the returns were nowhere to be found. On top of that I was paying for multiple spying tools and driving myself crazy with second guessing my every move.

    After those 2 weeks I tested a new offer and suddenly found "success" and was finally making money ... and then I almost quit in September. The offer was great and my ROI was fantastic but the network I was generating them for was less than honest. I had earned $7,000 in 3 weeks ($4,500 profit from mid August to the 1st week of September) only to learn the network I was promoting leads for would not be paying for the leads until a certain % of leads made purchases. This was not something I was told upfront and only found out when I inquired about a payout date. I did not like the idea of putting my adspend at the mercy of their email marketing and remarketing campaigns and capabilities to convert their free signups so I stopped promoting the offer. It had been up until that point the only offer that had worked for me and now I wasn't even going to get paid for my efforts (I finally got paid for those leads last week ... over 2 months after they were generated).
    I had no offers to promote and almost no hope when I decided to give it one last shot before returning to the work force (I had initially given myself 90 days to earn at least 6k per month in profit or return to work but I was ready to give up after that last setback). Within a day or 2 I had found a new offer and network to promote for, had a new landing page created and was back to testing various sources and one of those took off!
    Long story short I have earned $48k with just this one network ($31k profit) since September and am scaling by the week. I have campaigns running with various other networks but this one is 80% of my income currently.
    BTW I am not selling anything, I am not a coach or anything like that. Just want to share my story that even with my "advantages" I failed and almost quit. Keep at it, keep going, keep trying things and don't get so lost in research and spy tools that you stop trusting your gut.

  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Akeentech

    Akeentech Affiliate affiliate

    What's the offer you're promoting?
  4. beansbaxter

    beansbaxter Affiliate affiliate

    I don't really want to divulge that as over the years I have seen lots of good offers ruined by people piling on offers. I will say it is a common dating offer running in tier 1 geos (non adult offer)
  5. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    You have pointed out the pitfall in *lead generation* <<< those leads MUST produce!
    The most common complaint I have heard is; "they made me go with rev-share because my leads did not convert."
    Either the leads sucked or the product/platform sucked. Doesn't matter really, as leads have to be profitable in the end game.
  6. Yunus

    Yunus Affiliate affiliate

    Very nice, I congratulate you
  7. MgcashMedia

    MgcashMedia Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    What traffic do you use ?
  8. beansbaxter

    beansbaxter Affiliate affiliate

    You are absolutely correct. I was careful to scale until I verified that the leads were converting on the backend. I am in touch with my affiliate managers daily and I watch my Voluum like a hawk. I am provided transaction urls for each sale generated from my traffic (direct from the advertiser) and use that to optimize my campaigns. Tracking is everything and I cannot stress that enough. As soon as I see a widget is not returning a good ROI for the advertiser I cut it off. My cap was initially 50 leads per day and after a week or so it was increased to 200 leads daily and finally no cap. I am also careful not to saturate just one offer so if one does decide to "bail" on my leads I can always split the traffic to my other optimized offers. Yes in the end if the leads are not converting then it's game over but if you have good sources and are promoting a good product (with a good marketing funnel) and have tracking and communication with the advertiser then you can build a very profitable business.
  9. beansbaxter

    beansbaxter Affiliate affiliate

    I use MGID, Propellerads (push traffic) and some solo ads.
  10. Certified

    abdellahi Well-Known Member Certified Vendor Affiliate Manager affiliate

    very inspiring story congrats and good luck
  11. eternalwarrior

    eternalwarrior Affiliate affiliate

    Nice. Happy to see you getting success. Would you mind sharing what steps you did from starting a campaign to scaling?

  12. Netuno98

    Netuno98 Affiliate affiliate

    I see native advertising is something really powerful
    I don't have much knowledge on native ads (only with solo ads which are nice) but I think it need some good upfront income to test and reinvest, right?
    How much do you invest per day on native advertising?