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4 Of The Best Apps For Photographers

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by I'm H, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. I'm H

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    It's likely that as a photographer, you'll have a range of tools and programs on your computer that help you to carry out your work to your best ability. For example, most photographers will use the Photoshop program in order to edit, alter and enhance their photos. However, you can't take your computer everywhere you go and therefore, you probably won't always have these tools available for you. Luckily, we all carry Smartphone's around these days and there are plenty of incredible apps that are perfect for photographers. We've rounded up a list of some of the best apps for photographers, read on. #1 - Instagram [caption id="attachment_930" align="alignnone" width="650"][​IMG] Instagram[/caption] Now, we couldn't write this list without mentioning the absolute most popular photography related app out there; Instagram. I'm sure you're all relatively familiar with Instagram but if you aren't, here's a bit of a brief overview. To put it simply, Instagram is a social networking app that is based around photos. You can take photos with your iPhone (or any other camera for that matter) and load them into Instagram. You will then have access to a range of photographic filters and options for editing your photos right on your iPhone. Once you've edited your photo just how you want it, your photo will be added to your feed. Instagram works a lot like Facebook, you can subscribe to people and follow them, and they can do the same to you. Basically, you'll probably see a lot of your friends photos in your Instagram news feed and they'll see a lot of yours. #2 - Camera+ [caption id="attachment_931" align="alignnone" width="650"][​IMG] Camera Plus[/caption] Unlike Instagram, Camera+ costs a small fee but in our opinion, it is well worth the cost (which is around $0.99). As many of you are probably aware, the camera on the iPhone is pretty decent and has the ability to take some pretty stunning photos. The thing is that as a photographer, you might feel a little frustrated by the iPhone cameras lack of functionality. For example, you don't have much control over what the camera is actually doing along with focal points and so forth. Camera+ is an app that solves this problem as it essentially gives you a tonne of extra features. It will allow you to use the iPhone's camera as a flashlight and also give you a lot more control over exposure. There's a nifty little option that ensures you take a better photo too, by waiting until the iPhone is actually still before it snaps the photo. For the small cost of $0.99, this is a great app that every photographer should have on their Smartphone. #3 - f/8 DoF Calculator If you're serious about photography, this is the app for you. Clearly, in order to get the shot you desire, you need to calculate the perfect depth of field which as you know, can be a difficult task. This app makes the whole process simple by doing all of the required calculations for you on the iPhone screen. It will look at a lot of different aspects and will tell you the total DoF and near and far limits too. Everything is pretty easy to use on the iPhone too as you'll just have to adjust a few sliders to get the output you desire. You can use imperial or metric measurements too. One thing to keep in mind is that in order to get the accurate results you need, you'll need to enter in your lens information by hand. This is a pretty simple task however and once it's done, it's done. #4 - Photoforge 2 [caption id="attachment_932" align="alignnone" width="650"][​IMG] Photoforge 2[/caption] If you're looking for a fantastic iPhone/iPad app that will allow you to touch up your photos and remove any of the imperfections and problems that you might have spotted, look no further than Photoforge 2. Essentially, this is a pretty full featured editing suite that will give you a lot of control over your photos. The best way to think of this app is that it's like Photoshop on your iPad/iPhone. It will allow you to crop photos, adjust curves and levels, apply masks and even create multiple layers if you need to. You can use the app to edit photos that you've taken with your iOS device or even your DSLR photos if you have the Apple Camera Connection Kit. The app also allows you to upload them directly to social networks once you've done the editing.

    There are a lot of great apps for photographers and these are just a selection of the best. There are apps that will make arranging your photos into albums a lot easier, apps that will allow you to edit photos and apps that will help you in order ways. I'd recommend looking through the Apple App Store and browsing the photography related apps as there are a huge amount of them available.
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    Thank you for this list. I personally love Instagram from the list you have given. It's a nice little app that offers some simple editing tools within itself and then allows you to post the picture in your account. So for me, it's a nifty little space saver in itself. Camera 360 is another photo editing app that I love. You are able to edit your pictures and make it flawless, lol.