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$300 a day with exoclick (dating)

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by cashoutkevin, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. cashoutkevin

    cashoutkevin Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Wsup guys! I feel like i should tell you a little bit more of myself before i get the ball rolling.
    my names kevin and im an aspiring Super affiliate. Born in Oregon, moved around states and then raised in vegas.
    moved out here in california at 19.. to break it down a little more. I partnered up with MLM company called Vemma thru my cousin. The business taught me alot, especially at such a young age. I Jus knew i was NEVER going to trade my hours for dollars ever again and work is the hugest pyramid schemes out there. its shitty. but anyways, Vemma was the reason why i moved over here. Generated about 9k, and i was in a higher position than most. But honestly, i dont like depending on others rather than myself and im blessed to have a family of entrepreneurs and to have a Cousin/Mentor in the IM game that generates about 2M a year that He has tooken me under his wing. Been at it for 8 months, officially commiting for about 2 months and ill do anything possible to get that end result he or anyone greater in the business has. so now it begins.. thanks for reading, hope you stay tuned, and can possibly help me thru my journey.

    So far on exo i have only 1 banner up for 6 different sites that go towards my LP.
    Only 1 of them converted.

    Spend: $38.11
    Revenue: $11.84
    Profit: -$26.27

    Note: $25 was accidently spent yesterday.

    unfortunately for some reason my tracking on 202 wouldnt feed me the id`s for the clicks that got me leads, even tho i put in the tokens and made sure everything was in place. but tonight i will be fixing it.
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  3. srijon

    srijon Affiliate affiliate

    Nice to hear from you Kevin....
    Can you share some more details regarding your ad campaign please?
  4. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Hi, Kevin and welcome. It's nice to have another go-getter in our midst. :)

    You've come to the right place to learn, there is a fantastic variety of experience here. I'm sure all your questions can be answered.
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  5. cashoutkevin

    cashoutkevin Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Targeting france.
    Traffic with exoclick.
    .014 CPC
    6 different sites going towards 1 same banner.
    But 1 with 3 different banners.

    Heres todays stats!


    excited to be out of the negative, and to start scaling and testing a shit ton more. :)
    my goal is to have it running at night (France time) so that i can collect more data.
    please leave any ideas or suggestions of what i can do.
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  6. cashoutkevin

    cashoutkevin Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Since i ripped my LP from someone elses, i think they either
    1) Coded a Redirect script to their LP
    2)Click fraud with exoclick
    3)I have to many folders for my link

    so i alredy shortened it, so we'll see how that will go.
    but Im gonna test a new LP i got from a buddy thats been converting pretty high.
    Jus checked my stats and i forgot to turn off one of my campaigns off. so i ran a extra 30 dollars. -__-
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  7. vukasini

    vukasini King of the Wisdomland affiliate

    Great to hear that you set up a goal and a plan how to achieve it. I wish you the best with your journey. Have no big advices except work to improve your grammar and don't give up with your goal!

  8. cricket chiu

    cricket chiu Affiliate affiliate

    I spent $300 in exo, none of the conversion, looking forward to your update!
  9. srijon

    srijon Affiliate affiliate

    Any News From Kevin ?
  10. sleenirvana

    sleenirvana Affiliate affiliate

    i dropped 600 in 10 mins on Exo, good luck. LOL
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