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Ask Me Anything 2 years of failure

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by kamal lakhr, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. kamal lakhr

    kamal lakhr Affiliate affiliate

    First success i ever was 1year ago.
    made 472$ selling t-shirts on facebook groups "Manually".
    Everything was soo perfect then.
    I was making biig dreams, thinking on making a million dollar at the end of that year "now"
    thinking on selling thousands making lot of websites creat apps ...
    I was totally crazy, then i start blowing this small budget on almost everything
    I was totally newbie,
    as Dan pena said "If you took an idiot and motivate him, you'll create a motivated idiot"

    My english was extremely suck then, (sometimes i feel proud i made 472$ with a really bad english)

    Bad english, Bad mindset and fire up

    I start borrowing my money all over the web, i was just touching something after 2 days i turn my face to an other thing.
    i put 60$ on 7search
    20$ o iwriter
    bought 3 years hosting 120$
    spend 40$ on fiverr
    60$ grammarly
    ... and more

    after almost 4 months, i start feeling unmotivated and very frustrated
    I start to feel a little depressed, thinking that it never will work for me

    PS: This motivation come from the get rich quick shit --" they ruined my life hh at least then

    i started a blog call Rise Your Self esteem, eliminate your fears and anxiety
    But this toke me more 6 month to set it up and just make it look nice
    Aka learning dev and designing.

    But shit , i steel can't see results,

    Here where a shift on my mind start, instead of just thinking negatively.
    I start thinking about why i made this miserable long failure, i'm pretty sure most of you didn't

    I left the internet for a wile, meeting new successful people.

    I notice a commu mindset they have,
    They all start from 0, they all make each step well (they don't try make 10 steps at time or skipping the steps)
    and they are think long term.

    I believe this is 3 months since this shift start inside of me.

    and i'm steel learning a lot from all this adventure, if i can just found a scalable way to make 10$ a day
    and for every week i make more 10$
    this would make me more then 20.000$ per month in a year

    I believe it's too much better then just dreaming and doing nothing.

    My first step now is 7search

    Time to change ^^
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  2. newbidder
  3. Aditya Saha

    Aditya Saha Affiliate affiliate

    I really hope that you reach your goal. Without failure you can't achieve success! Take some guidance from your affiliate friends before investing. Good luck!
  4. kamal lakhr

    kamal lakhr Affiliate affiliate

    I don't really have friends on this field, most of my friends, either they already give up or they are more offline then online
  5. osydious

    osydious Affiliate affiliate

    Failure is just the beginning of where success meets you towards the end.

    Don't give your dream up! Keep it running. :)

    CPAEXPERT Affiliate affiliate

    you were running in the wrong direction, but you learned your lesson and now u r more stronger now..
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  7. Ben jones

    Ben jones Affiliate affiliate

    Its really tough when you fail on things. Keep trying and it will happen.

    CPAEXPERT Affiliate affiliate

    in CPA industry, if u keep trying without figuring out the issue and the drawbacks, one will fall again..!!
    here you need to walk the right path, yes keep trying, but with lot of filtration and optimization!!
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  9. osydious

    osydious Affiliate affiliate

    Everything will be fine.
  10. Mrearn

    Mrearn Member affiliate

    You need to focus in on one thing at a time. Your trying to do 1,000 things at once which causes information overload. First, take a day off and clear your mind. Next, don't worry about others and what type of money they are making as you need to focus on you. Finally, you have a skill set so do some freelancing or look at some of the threads here and start slow instead of throwing money around and yes you will lose money at first but the point being is that you learn that maybe your site needs a better ad copy, design, etc. Don't be hard on yourself but just try to be flexible cause putting pressure on yourself to make money will never lead to true success. Wish you the best.
  11. marketerbybirth

    marketerbybirth Affiliate affiliate

    hey @kamal lakhr ... I endorse all these motivational comments, hugs and bundles of good wishes presented to you by other members. Congrats, for establishing a backlink to the page you are trying to promote. However, please change its name at least, as there is no visible connection between that page and the description you have written in your post. In my opinion, you are still thinking wrong by self evaluating and fixing your potential and by setting unrealistic goals quite prematurely
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  12. TFU

    TFU Affiliate affiliate

    It's all about many small steps that makes the big things happen. I too was concentrating on too many things and this just dilutes your focus, energy and results. Start with one thing, do it well, then grow from there.

    Have one idea and stick with it. It's going from one project to another that destroys your will. It worked with me and will work with you with the right positive mental attitude and mindset.

    I have faith in you, and you should too.
  13. Vuong

    Vuong Affiliate affiliate

    Step out of your comfort zone & you'll on your way to achieving success. Do things that you don't like or scared to do. Remember that great things (success, great achievements) normally come from outside of people's comfort zone.
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