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1st Affiliate Website? Where to get it? How to build it?


I am just beginning. I know my niche market - I have some ideas how to get started.

However, I need to create a website. In the past for antoher project I have built free website (using tripod) but I know that I get what I pay for.

Where do you recommend I look for a user friendly cost efficeint website?

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free options

Microsoft Page Creator (free domain and they host free)
Google Domain (free but you still have to buy and host your domain)


Hi Rob,

If you're in a yank to get your site up, you may want to check
out Elance for a quote. Otherwise, there are some decent programs
and editors out there and some are free. NVU is an example that
comes to mind, though it's a little buggy. Dreamweaver is a great
program, but a steep price tag and sharp learning curve may put
you off. There's a new program out now that may be good for
you, but I don't want to break any forum rules.
Good Luck


Microsoft Expression Engine

Oh, and i forgot, you can download the beta of Microsoft Expression Engine for free. This is their *remarkably adequate* replacement for FrontPage. then look for beta downloads.


Hi Rob,
Since I'm not sure at what stage in the process you're at, I'll just assume you're starting completely from scratch.

First, you'll need a domain name. You can check out Namecheap (I personally use and love them) and GoDaddy for cost efficient registrations. (Less than $9 per yearly domain name registration.)

Next, you'll need a host to point the domain name to. I recommend HostGator, Dreamhost, or Media Temple (I personally use all three). All are reasonably priced, however, if you're not familiar with web management panels, then I'd recommend HostGator because it has cPanel with Fantastico - the other two hosts have their own custom admin panels. (Prices average $10 per month. Update: Media Temple recently changed its plans and is now about $20 per month.)

Then, plan the site's structure and think about the number of pages you'll have. If it's gong to be a large site, you'll want to build in some time-saving features like Server Side Includes, use a content management system, or even use blogging software.

If you'd like to build the site with individual pages, then there are a couple good, free WYSIWYG editors out there like NVU and Microsoft Expression Web (currently in Beta, but it's pretty good software).

Once you have your pages developed, you'll need a way to FTP them to your site - if you're on Windows, I recommend FileZilla (free FTP tool). The WYSIWYG editors also have built in site managers with FTP capabilities, but I just prefer having an outside FTP client.

If you decide that starting/designing a site from scratch is just too much work and your niche would work well with the blog style, then consider installing software like WordPress (free), selecting a design, and using the admin panel to write and manage your entries. (You can check out my short WordPress Guide if you'd like more info on getting started with WordPress.)

There are also free blogging services like Blogger and, however, your website will be on their domain name and transferring over to your own domain in the future may be a pain - not recommended if you're serious about building your website. They're just for practice. :)

As you may have guessed, there are a number of ways to get a website online. The route you choose will ultimately depend on your needs and goals.

Good luck!

~ Teli
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Linda Buquet

Great suggestions Teli! I use and recommend NameCheap too.

Another idea is to use templates instead of trying to build a site yourself.
I have not tried these but they are FREE and look really nice and could be adapted for any type of site. The nice thing about CSS templates is that they are clean and the colors and layout is all done for you.
Check out some of the top downloads like LGBlue and OrangeW2

Another source of great low cost templates, specially made for affiliate sites and already somewhat optimized for search engines is
But you may need to have Front page or DreamWeaver to use them.

Another free web site builder that looks easy and has good reviews is Have not used it but have read good things about it.

Linda Buquet

Another idea I was just researching...

DON'T KNOW FOR SURE if it's a good way to start but looks cheap and easy.

Yahoo site builder. You need to use their hosting which is reasonable.
11.95 a month. The site builder has over 300 free templates and free graphics and lots of other stuff.

In fact I just found a deal where you get the Domain for FREE if you sign up for hosting.

Here's all the Yahoo templates

IMPORTANT NOTE: With any template - be sure the content is spiderable (no java or flash). Show us the template and ask us if unsure.

Also be sure with templates that probably LOTS of people may be using - to change them up quite a bit so they aren't just like everyone elses. Not so much an issue with the CSS templates I mentioned because they are more like just the framework of a house - everything you add will be unique. However if you pick a Yahoo or other free template that includes all the graphics and everything the image names and layout could be too much like hundreds of other sites and the search engines may be able to see a common "footprint" and not like it. (Most important in industries prone to lots of SE spam).

ONE MORE POINT with regard to some suggestions Teli made about using "hosted" solutions. Some prohibit affiliate links so always read the TOS.

The other main issue which hosted solutions is that you don't own these sites you are just renting, so the landlord controls everything and you aren't building up equity. The marketing you do and traffic you send will be building up someone elses property value, not your own!

This is turning into a really good newbie resource so making it a sticky!


New Member
Linda Buquet said:
Another idea is to use templates instead of trying to build a site yourself.
I have not tried these but they are FREE and look really nice and could be adapted for any type of site. The nice thing about CSS templates is that they are clean and the colors and layout is all done for you.
Check out some of the top downloads like LGBlue and OrangeW2 is another option for nice CSS templates. :)

If you're totally unfamiliar with HTML, then a CMS like Wordpress (see Teli's post) is ideal. There are lots of Wordpress templates available at


Excellent posts Teli and Linda. You obviously got your hands on my black book and stole all my ideas. =)

I use GoDaddy for all my domain names. I've pretty much stuck to WordPress for quick blog sites as of late because of how quick they are to set up and it's spiderability myself.

On some of my other sites such as the looooong overdue for completion EMTactics I use a slick content management solution (CMS) called SubDreamer . This is the best CMS I have ever used and is extremely easy to use with it's WYSIWYG admin section. Integrates perfectly with phpBB, vBulletin, Invision, etc bulletin boards.

It costs either $49.95 for the basic version and $99.95 for the Pro Version. Click Here to see how easy it is to set up your first website.

Check out the subdreamer site. The community is very active and there are a bunch of free premade templates to get you started. After you start generating revenue you can have someone design a great unique looking skin for you for about $400.00.

*I highly recommend this CMS for all marketers.

Linda Buquet

Wow Stephen you always turn me onto the COOLEST stuff. I love your new EMTactics site design and have been gradually trying to find a CMS I like. Subdreamer looks really good and has some very nice skins.

You just gave me another good bookmark to save for later projects.


King Conga

Difference Between Blogger vs. WordPress

I've tried Blogger and hate the lack of flexibility for fonts, layout, and lack of nice templates. I tried to fanagle it for hours last night, so all day today I've been looking for an alternative that would also give me the good exposure. I read all the great wisdom on this thread and tried looking at just about every link, and WordPress definitely looks easy to work with and gives me the creative flexibility. It also looked as though it will give me great exposure. If I'm wrong can anyone explain the advantages and disadvantages, differences, etc.?



How to Craete Your First Website

Your question is well answered by Teli and the other friends too. All these are valuable information you can?t find elsewhere.

But be careful?

Everywhere you go you see ads telling you how it's easy to create your own web site!

Yes, sure, it's easy to design web pages, get a domain name and web hosting. But it's not easy to make your own web site like most of marketers proclaim.

We are not talking about building any web site. We are talking about a web site that works. If you're looking for designing a web site that will last and will create good income; you need to be prepared to work hard, to learn, to practice, to think differently than you have in the past and to be extremely self-motivated.

To create your own web site is not hard, and it is not easy either. However, if you know where to search for the right information, there is almost nothing you can't find.

Designing a web site is a very small part of building a business. It's not about putting some graphics and logo up, just to make it look a bit more visually pleasing to visitors. Designing a web site that sells needs more than that...

To succeed you need to build a web site full of content, well designed, satisfying to your targeted audience and ranking well in the search engines.

Your web site is one of your most powerful tools that transform your business into a forever-flowing fountain of funds.

Proper website design is vital for your business success. But it is considered as small fraction of website creation.

Before you make your own web site you must first establish a plan. Your website is a significant part of your plan, determine your overall strategy and build your web site in view of that.

Here?s 6 advise for you and for all other new business starters.

1) Before you create your business learn how to run, manage and market your business

2) Find your market and give them what they want.

3) When you just start your business doesn?t sell anything or if you sell don?t expect to make money before people know about you.

4) As soon as you start your business, start by building your list.

5) If you learn how to market your business the right way, you will be able to sell anything online. (I know some marketers online who make good money selling products downloadable from anywhere for free).

6) We can do anything we want as long as we stick to it long enough.

It?s easy to start an online business, because you can build a business at low cost or at no cost. But, making money is another story.

Don?t let this scare you, most of successful marketers where in the same situation you are now. Don't be upset if you make mistakes with your homework, everyone makes mistakes. Trial and error is often the best way to learn.
Keep on? never give up. You are one step from finding the true combination that will lead you to success.

Your friend

Gley Yahya

King Conga

Back in the Web Host Market

Hey Gang,

Here's my dilema. I like how is laid out, I love my site template, I like most of the features, and they're easy to use, for the most part. One thing though, their support is the pits. They only work from 8-3 Mon-Fri. Their chat support is the same, and only avail to subscribers. Their forum has been down for over a week. Their e-mail support link is perk-near impossible to find, but when I did I sent 2 e-mails in the past 48 hrs. that they promised to answer within 4 hrs., or in the next biz day. So far I've heard NADA!

Yeah, it was free, but I was seriously considering going to an entry level subscription cuz I figured you get what you pay for. But after not having access to the forum for a week, and not getting any response from their only support e-mail, I'm bailing out.

So, after reading over again all of the suggestions in this thread, I'm still dizzy with all that you guys know that I don't, and still don't have a clue what web hosting service I want to pay under $10/mo. to do and look somewhat like Freewebs.

WordPress was a bit unwieldy and hard to navigate, and I didn't really like my template. Blogger was kinda the same.

Actually, I'd LOVE to get SBI!, but I don't have $300 to throw at it at one time. So, if I could find something as productive as SBI! and easy to learn and deal with as FreeWebs for about $10/mo. I'd be a happy camper.



I would personally recommend a company called HomeStead.

I use their service which allows me unlimited hosting for as many sites as I want, free HTML web creation software that installs on your computer (very pleased with it) all running $19.00 per month.

I don't think many companies can beat that price point.

Hope that helps.



New Member
I have always used Yahoo and I have never had any complaints with them. Its 8.96 to start for a basic site for two months, free domain and pretty good customer support and they give you a free website editor.


Forgot I was even subscribed to this post and noticed what I wrote a while back.

I used to use homestead now I just buy my domain and hosting from GoDaddy for very cheap and use a program called xsite pro which is by far the best out there.

I would recommend people get it even as a beginner because the time that it will save you creating multiple landing pages for for the same product and just creating websites in general is amazing.

It also stores all your affiliate info so you can keep track of it all.


Lots of great suggestions here...

I particulaly like what gley said... and I paraphrase "building a web site and building a website that works are two different things."

As you might have gathered I'm a fan of Site Build It!

The SBI! philosopy is based on that idea. After all, your not building just a web site... you are trying to build an online business.