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'The Shared and Reseller Specialists'

Localnode - the true first class provider of shared and reseller web hosting. At awesome prices.

*-*-*-* SIX REASONS to choose Localnode TODAY *-*-*-*

1. No overselling or crowded servers.
Have you ever been bumped from a flight or lost a hotel room due to overbooking? This is no way to treat your customers, which is why at Localnode, the resources you purchase are exclusively for your use. Our servers are never overloaded, and that means superior performance for you.

2. Superior Hardware.
We like it when things just work, don’t you? We invest in the best, so our customers can enjoy unparalleled server reliability. Supermicro, Intel and Kingston are just some of the brands we use to ensure our hardware is built to perform.

3. Superior Network.
With superior service comes global responsibility. Multiple Tier 1 providers and network redundancy mean your sites run faster and smoother for visitors around the world.

4. Expert 24/7/365 Tech-Support.
The only thing that could possibly be more reliable than our servers is our support staff. The help you need is always available, around the clock, and we solve it the first time – no “quick to respond, slow to resolve” nonsense you get with other providers.

5. 99.9% Uptime, Guaranteed.
Superior Hardware – Superior Software – Superior Network – by their powers combined, we present Superior Uptime! Your sites will be available 99.9+% of the time, guaranteed (see our Service-Level Agreement for details).

6. Amazing Value For Money.
You won’t find a host this good at prices this low anywhere else.


Localnode Servers...

Localnode invest in the superior quality hardware. Supermicro servers featuring Intel Xeon Processors, Kingston Memory and Intel high-performance solid state drives put our hardware at the cutting edge. Plus, we help you protect your data with full RAID on all of our servers, as well as daily backups using R1Soft Continuous Data Protection..
  • SuperMicro® industry-leading server board
  • Pure SSD Storage
  • Powerful Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Kingston® Memory
  • Adaptec® RAID Controller (with BBU)


All of our plans, shared and reseller, include:
  • The latest versions of cPanel and WHM
  • Pure SSD Storage
  • CloudLinux
  • R1Soft cPanel plugin
  • 100+ one-click install scripts, with Softaculous
  • UNLIMITED email addresses, domains, databases and FTP accounts
  • SSH access
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Click here to see our full list of features now...

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Localnode's fully-featured cPanel shared hosting plans...

5 GB Disk Space
50 GB Bandwidth

$7.16 Monthly
$19.32 Quarterly
$34.34 Semianually
$60.10 Yearly
Order Now!

7 GB Disk Space
70 GB Bandwidth

$9.86 Monthly
$26.61 Quarterly
$47.30 Semiannually
$82.78 Yearly
Order Now!

12 GB Disk Space
120 GB Bandwidth

$16.16 Monthly
$43.62 Quarterly
$77.54 Semiannually
$135.70 Yearly
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20 GB Disk Space
200 GB Bandwidth

$24.26 Monthly
$65.49 Quarterly
$116.42 Semiannually
$203.74 Yearly
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Localnode's fully-featured cPanel/WebHostManager white-label reseller hosting plans...

10 GB Disk Space
100 GB Bandwidth

12.56 Monthly
$33.90 Quarterly
$60.26 Semiannually
$105.46 Yearly
Order Now!

15 GB Disk Space
200 GB Bandwidth

$20.66 Monthly
$55.77 Quarterly
$99.14 Semiannually
$173.50 Yearly
Order Now!

20 GB Disk Space
250 GB Bandwidth

$26.96 Monthly
$72.78 Quarterly
$129.38 Semiannually
$226.42 Yearly
Order Now!

30 GB Disk Space
325 GB Bandwidth

$36.86 Monthly
$99.51 Quarterly
$176.90 Semiannually
$309.58 Yearly
Order Now!

Localnode Datacentre...

Localnode is located in Tampa, Florida, in a privately owned data facility.
Located in Tampa, Florida, the Hivelocity data centre is designed for speed and network uptime under high usage and mission critical circumstances. In addition to an impressive list of top-tier carriers, our data centre features multiple GE and MGE uninterruptible power supplies and backup diesel generators, which ensure stable, responsive hosting, even during power failures.

On-premises security is top priority. Staff are carefully vetted, assigned clearance, and tracked and logged. Video monitoring and staff-escorted visitation procedures ensure our servers are kept safe and untampered.

About Localnode...

We are Localnode, a first-class Web hosting company providing shared and reseller hosting services to individuals, businesses and corporations around the world.

“So what? There are thousands of companies just like you, right?”

Sure, plenty of companies make the same claims as us: highest quality hardware, a strong, stable network, fast and efficient customer service, and if it’s all true, that’s great. But have you ever dealt with sales and support staff at a company that made you feel like you were just a number, a burden, and not valued as a customer or a person?

Localnode is different because we love what we do, we have fun doing it, and our customers see the difference in quality that a host committed to rockstar performance can provide.

Want more information? Great! Just email us at or click here to visit our website.
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