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white label dating

  1. InterMaxGroup

    Event Meet the Online Dating Kings at the AW Barcelona!

    Last minute reminder - don't forget to meet the Online Dating Kings! We'll be at A38, marketing our trademark, direct dating offers at our trademark KING's custom event booth! Meet the Online Dating Kings in order to become one - see you around!
  2. InterMaxGroup

    Event Meet the Online Dating Kings at the Gaelic WWW Event

    Event reminder - if you happen to be at the Gaelic WWW Conference don't forget to meet the Online Dating Kings! Thomas and Christian are, as one of the main sponsors, around to talk about how to best monetize your dating traffic with our own, top performing direct dating offers. Contact Thomas...
  3. InterMaxGroup

    Affiliates Wanted Online Dating Kings Introducing Dateefy UK a British Dating Offer

    Cyberspace - Online Dating Kings, an online affiliate program with own, market leading dating offers, introduced the addition of Dateefy UK - a direct dating offer targeting the British market. Utilizing the know how that enabled the Company to become a leader in the German speaking and central...
  4. InterMaxGroup

    Affiliates Wanted Dating Affiliates - Make a Bank in April!

    Would you like to Make a Bank in April? Want to promote some of the best performing, own, exclusive dating offers in its multiple GEO’s? The Kings already have the best ROI and top end user holding times in their core markets - want to join and become an Online Dating King yourself? Sign up...
  5. P Whitmore

    How to sell a dating business

    So, you have a dating business you want to sell, which may be a white label, or maybe not. Lets imagine the dating business is a sofa. The sofa is a bit too heavy and has a few small holes in the fabric, but looks good overall, but hey, maybe you can get more money if you cover the holes and...
  6. PWhitey2016

    White label dating are deleting my websites

    Hello I have a few website that I make a little money on and also have a few dating websites with with I got an email on friday telling me they are deleting lots of my websites because they earn less that £1oo a month. They say they are doing this to streamline the...