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  1. Mobidea

    New Contest on Mobidea! (Dating, Coupons and Vouchers)

    Great news! Mobidea has announced the first contest of this year - Triple Thread! Giving away 1k for those running Dating or Coupons and Vouchers offers (this time, there are no restrictions when it comes to using the Smartlink so dive into it!) Your goal? Make more money than during the...
  2. Mr.Z

    Affiliate network with lots of sweepstakes, any recommendations?

    Hi guys, As in title. I'm interested in sweepstakes and voucher offers for mobile with lower payout: $1-$3. I signed up to Clickdealer few weeks ago, but they don't seem to have enough selection of sweepstakes offers. My AM sends me just few offers usually for my requirements where most of...
  3. Reza Rifai

    City Ads - CPA Introductions

    Hello - Very warmth greetings from City Ads, Kindly introduce, I am Reza that has been assigned from City Ads - the global technology platform for online performance marketing powered by big data! to reach you due to offer as City Ads premium publisher networks program, of course with CPA Model...
  4. C

    Newbiew - Suggesgt a platform to run ads (Domain targeting or keyword targeting)

    Hi there, I have joined Max bounty and would like to look for expert advice to promote the offers to generate some extra income. Keen to know 1. Offers to promote and countries to target with relevant offer 2. Where to advertise? Keen to know some networks or if possible please provide me...
  5. jtbiz

    1st Test on Offer

    Hi guys, I'm running a Mobile Voucher Offer and have done an initial test of 3 Landing Pages. Here is the data: LP1: 4,268 Visits, 15 Clicks, .35% CTR, 0 Conversions, Page load time = 1.2 sec LP2: 4,180 Visits, 15 Clicks, .36% CTR, 2 Conversions, Page load time = 1.3 sec LP3: 4,211 Visits...