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  1. N

    Copy a list of URL's and paste them only on certain places

    Hi, I'm trying to achieve something but Im stuck.. I work daily with links that I have to copy and paste and I don't want to do this completely manually anymore because it takes a lot of time. I want to achieve the following: I have a list of hundreds of urls. From here I want to copy 50...
  2. FrancisAdams

    Newbie from India seeking answers to queries

    I have bought two domains on, which I plan to monetize through Affiliate Marketing. I have yet to to start writing or creating content for them. I have several queries before i start. 1) Are there good affiliate marketing opportunities available that provide and offer you ads /...
  3. The Lone Wolf

    What URL is allowed with PPC networks?

    (*Which) Was reading a TOS but I don't get it. So, let's say I make a squeeze page for some health product. The sales page is My squeeze page is on a sub domain of one of my domains, so let's say: healthproduct/ Is this allowed and once I redirect to my...
  4. goraz1

    Selling KIDGURU.Info - BULK URL SHORTNER - Never Get Banned Again Due TO Domain BAN is a PHP URL shortener packed with many unique features. It has been built from scratch with performance in mind. Some of the features include geotargeting, powerful dashboard. Furthermore, it will keep getting better with each update! - Frame your url and never expose your real...