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  1. Indoleads

    Official Top 10 Travel Affiliate Programs for hot summer 2022

    Travel is steadily recovering from the pandemic, people are more than eager to get back to the road and are already booking their favorite destinations. Affiliate marketing is surely following this trend, so if you’re determined to make money on your website or blog, it’s high time to do it...
  2. Pages of Taylor

    Excited New Learner

    Hello all. My name is Taylor and I am very excited to be here to learn and interact with people of the same interests. I have heard and seen great things about this forum and am willing to work hard to be apart of the affiliate and CPA community .
  3. Maria Basova/MoonRover

    MoonRover Introduction

    Hello and Welcome everyone! Thank you for your interest of this thread. I would like to introduce you our new affiliate network, MoonRover. We are a young but promising network that can offer our future partners a large number of exclusive campaigns, 24/7 manager support and very good payouts...
  4. PurePay

    Travel leads

    Hello all, We have a customer of ours within the travelling industry looking for leads for their new website: We're wondering if you know any networks whom could be interested in working on a CPA basis and also is strong in this vertical.
  5. Shubham Ghildiyal

    Cost per sale traffic!

    Hi, I am looking for traffic sources, in terms of CPS(cost per sale) model. I would be looking people good with Social media, E-mail Marketing, Blogs traffic, SEM. I have very good offers to promote, which are carrying extremely good amount of traffic to there websites, with on an average 30...
  6. JericVmore

    Hello everyone

    I am Jeric, from Singapore, currently running an affiliate program that works with multiple Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). I spent one-year backpacking around Asia, to immerse myself in the market and to understand consumer habits as well. This knowledge has been tremendously useful to what I...
  7. MarketCall

    Looking for flight booking calls

    Hello! MarketCall is looking for US flight booking calls (domestic and international). We can pay 15-17$ for 60-sec duration call. Let us know if you generate such calls or know anybody who can do that (we award for referrals)

    TripAZ the italian travel marketplace

    Good morning friends I'm TRIPAZ, the italian travel marketplace that promotes vacations, flights, activities, hotels, on the italian market.
  9. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything Actual Trends of Travel Industry in 2018–2020

    Here are trends of travel industry which, in our opinion, will be actual in 2018–2020. First of all, please note that in 2018 travel industry will continue its stable growth. According to the preliminary forecast, the amount of holiday costs per person will make up USD 940. As for the sales...
  10. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything Pros and Cons: Travel aggregators or Booking advertising via affiliate networks

    Hey everyone! I need your oppinion: What do you think is better for Hotels advertisers, to place their ads on travel aggregators ( meta search) or to work with affiliate networks? Big hotel chains often work with aggregators of booking offers, paying more than they could spend on their own...
  11. K

    Looking for travel niche traffic! $$$

    Hey guys! Currently I'm looking for travel niche traffic! If you have some, please pm @skype = krisbergs123 Many thanks!
  12. Ana Merka


    Hi, My name is Ana Merka and I work from home to cope up with my responsibility as a mother and to earn for a living. I co-ordinate the Latin American section for Travel Tourist Information Guide website. Apart from that, I conduct online training workshops on Effective Communication Skills...
  13. B

    Travel content website

    Hello, just found this website. I am a Travel content website creator expanding into affiliate marketing, looking forward to increasing my knowledge in affiliate marketing
  14. guyperl

    Hello, i am Guy Perl - Social Travel Blogger at TravelionX

    Hi Everyone, My name is Guy Perl and i am Travel Blogger on my own website: TravelionX I love to travel around the world and write posts on beautiful and interesting places. I have tested many Affiliate Networks on my website and on my social networks, and in my following posts on AffiliateFix...
  15. gkd_uk

    Travel Affiliate Program - Feed Back

    Hi I have been looking into white label travel affiliate programs How are such affiliate programs performing today? Reading reviews on the net, there seems to be more negative then positive feedback. Thoughts?
  16. christos ioannou

    Marketing Consultants

    Marketing Consultants wanted for a VIP Travel Club!! Travel & Get paid!! - Part-Time or Full Time, set your own pace. - No previous experience necessary, but desirable. - All training provided with ongoing support. - Commission based with outcome bonus structures. - Promotion and...
  17. N

    Pay Per Call Networks For Travel

    HI Guy's Can anyone let me know what are the best Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks For Travel? Actually we are looking for buy Calls for our Air Travel Business. Please do let me know if anyone know the best affiliate website... Thanks In Advance Regards N.
  18. price4limo

    Partnership Calling All Bloggers & Website Owners

    I would like to partner with anyone who is actively maintaining a blog. My company is the nation's largest booking engine for limousines, party buses, and charter buses. We have had great luck with bloggers who create content about traveling, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, proms...
  19. price4limo

    Limousings and Party Buses!!! - Affiliate Program

    Hi everyone, My name is Aaron and I am new to this forum. I recently launched my first affiliate program in the transportation industry. My company is a national booking engine for limousines, party buses, and charter buses throughout the USA. We now have over 8000 vehicles in our fleet...
  20. price4limo

    Affiliates Wanted Limos, Party Buses - Affiliate Program

    Hello Everyone! I am looking to partner with anyone that wants to aggressively promote an affiliate program for limousines, party buses, and charter bus rentals. We service the entire USA! Do you think your blog or website is a good fit?