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  1. L

    Official SafetyWing Nomad Insurance Ambassador Program [Deleted]

    Luke P submitted a new resource: SafetyWing Nomad Insurance Ambassador Program - 10% referral fees, up to $600 per new Ambassador referred. Read more about this resource...
  2. T

    Automate price changes

    Hi, I am setting up an affiliate marketing site. One of the sections will be about flights. I would love to be able to display the price on my website, but the price of flights changes very often. Is there any way to automate the price changes, i.e. that when the price changes the price...
  3. Pages of Taylor

    Excited New Learner

    Hello all. My name is Taylor and I am very excited to be here to learn and interact with people of the same interests. I have heard and seen great things about this forum and am willing to work hard to be apart of the affiliate and CPA community .
  4. Shubham Ghildiyal

    Cost per sale traffic!

    Hi, I am looking for traffic sources, in terms of CPS(cost per sale) model. I would be looking people good with Social media, E-mail Marketing, Blogs traffic, SEM. I have very good offers to promote, which are carrying extremely good amount of traffic to there websites, with on an average 30...
  5. A

    How to Sell Traveler/Tourism Advertising Space?

    My company makes hotel key cards and holders for millions of travelers nationwide. My question is how I can offer this network for advertising purposes. I was initially thinking that we could partner up with a travel/tourism media buying agency who would be able to offer traveler/tourism...
  6. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything Pros and Cons: Travel aggregators or Booking advertising via affiliate networks

    Hey everyone! I need your oppinion: What do you think is better for Hotels advertisers, to place their ads on travel aggregators ( meta search) or to work with affiliate networks? Big hotel chains often work with aggregators of booking offers, paying more than they could spend on their own...
  7. B

    Travel content website

    Hello, just found this website. I am a Travel content website creator expanding into affiliate marketing, looking forward to increasing my knowledge in affiliate marketing
  8. V

    New Launch of Travel Affiliate Website

    Hi I'm new here. I've just launched a new travel website "The Trip Junkie" utilizing various affiliates including Has anyone used the affiliate program? Does anyone have any advice re SEO etc. Would love to hear from you all. Thanks in advance Vanessa
  9. guyperl

    Hello, i am Guy Perl - Social Travel Blogger at TravelionX

    Hi Everyone, My name is Guy Perl and i am Travel Blogger on my own website: TravelionX I love to travel around the world and write posts on beautiful and interesting places. I have tested many Affiliate Networks on my website and on my social networks, and in my following posts on AffiliateFix...
  10. gkd_uk

    Travel Affiliate Program - Feed Back

    Hi I have been looking into white label travel affiliate programs How are such affiliate programs performing today? Reading reviews on the net, there seems to be more negative then positive feedback. Thoughts?