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  1. TrafficStars


    Did you know that OnlyFans boomed in popularity during the pandemic? A spokeswoman for OnlyFans told Guardian Australia there are more than 1 million creators worldwide, 85 million registered users, and it paid out more than US$2bn ($2.7bn) globally in 2020. The site, which has boomed in...
  2. N

    Depositing funds into TrafficStars

    I deposited my first $100 into TrafficStars but they charge 20% 'taxes'. Does anyone know the cheapest way to deposit funds or is the 20% taxes that you have to pay, mandatory. Thanks.
  3. B

    IP Ranges For US States

    Hi, Does anyone know where to find IP ranges for certain US states? I am trying to exclude certain states from my adult campaigns on Trafficstars, since they don't have a way to do this otherwise. Trafficstars only allows the option to exclude IP ranges. My offer doesn't allow traffic from...
  4. W

    Review Trafficstars Biggest Cheating Stars on the Web

    Here is the review of Biggest Cheating Stars on the Web. I used their native ads and direct link ads on my site. Native Ad: From Tier A country they run own inventory and never pay a profit share. From Tier C country they keep all profits and give popunder rates for clicks. When i talked to a...
  5. Evelyn

    How To Create a Native Ad Campaign at TrafficStars

    Everyone knows Native Ads are the 2018 trend you can’t miss – in the adult business, more and more publishers are choosing Native over other types of advertising everyday. To help you make the most of your advertising investments, we’ve put together a tutorial explaining how to create a native...
  6. Evelyn

    Campaign Tracking With TrafficStars

    Every experienced marketer knows collecting data and using it correctly is the key to a healthy ROI. To help you keep your data on check, we’ve enlisted our Advertiser Account Manager Nicole to talk about S2S tracking, its benefits and how to set it up properly. Head over to our blog to read...
  7. Evelyn

    Announcement We're Expanding Our Video Inventory!

    Hello! Today is all about Video Pre-Roll: this new ad format is the latest craze amongst publishers and advertisers! Because of that, we’re excited to announce that our video inventory has grown… a lot! This week, we’ve welcomed 12 new websites to this format. You can read all about it here...
  8. Evelyn

    The Only Native Ads Guide You Need!

    We’ve written the Native Ads Guide to end all native ads guides! So, if you still haven’t started with Native Ads yet, or you want to scale up your native ads campaigns, you’re in the right place. In this guide you’ll find: an overview of Native Ads and their benefits, a step-by-step tutorial...
  9. Evelyn

    Announcement TrafficStars Takes Action To Eradicate Blind Clicks From Native Advertising

    We've been working hard recently and further adapting to Google's ad standards and do everything we can to help publishers and advertisers stay compliant. We're really proud to have eliminated blind clicks on Native Ads - something which no other ad network has done. Even though we only...
  10. Evelyn

    Announcement The Industry's Most Powerful Retargeting Tool!

    We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Retargeting tool to all advertisers! With this tool, you’ll be able to do the regular positive or negative retargeting – that is, target or exclude users who have been exposed to the retargeting pixel. In addition, you can also do Dynamic...
  11. Evelyn

    Announcement CPMV Now Available For Native Ads!

    We're happy to tell you about the new pricing model we have just released at TrafficStars, CPMV. CPMV is the standard pricing model for our Native Ads inventory, to guarantee visibility for ads. You can read all about it in our website!
  12. Evelyn

    Announcement Happy Valentine’s Deal!

    Our relationships with our partners are what we treasure the most. In this Valentine’s day, to show our appreciation – and to keep the flame alive – we’ve prepared two exclusive Valentine’s Day deals for all our advertisers and publishers! Advertisers The Deal: Get $100 credit for every...
  13. Evelyn

    You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is To Convert With Native Ads!

    Hello everyone! It seems that, in 2018, everyone is either talking about cryptocurrencies, or native ads :) On our side, since we joined the native ad conversation, we noticed this format is still new to many advertisers on adult traffic. So we decided to prepare a short best practices guide...
  14. Evelyn

    Announcement Video Pre-roll now available at TrafficStars!

    Hello everyone! We’re excited to announce that our Video Pre Roll ad format was launched today! The format is a video ad of up to 15 seconds, which plays before the content and allows users to skip the ad after six seconds. Starting today, the format is live worldwide, on mobile and desktop...
  15. Evelyn

    Event Meet TrafficStars at the Webmaster Access!

    The TrafficStars team will be at the Webmaster Access and we're looking forward to meeting you! Schedule a meeting with our team to hear all about: Taking advantage of all the new tools and platform updates we are rolling out; New Publishers, Ad Spots and GEO opportunities; Integration with...
  16. Evelyn

    Meet Up Let's meet up in Kiev!

    If you're attending the Kiev Affiliate Meetup next friday (18/08), we'd love to have a chat with you! Make sure to look for Rémi and Anna - and feel free to drop them a line if you'd like to set up a meeting Anna Blaivas - Head of Publishing anna@trafficstars Rémi St-Maur - CBDO & Partner...
  17. Evelyn

    Event Meet the TrafficStars Team at ASE in NYC!

    If you're attending the Affiliate Summit East in New York, don't miss this opportunity to meet the TrafficStars team! Let's talk business. Schedule a meeting with our team to hear all about: * Taking advantage of all the new tools and platform updates we are rolling out, such as the Dynamic...