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  1. A

    Is there any tracking service recommendation that meets ADS requirements?

    I am using Google ADS to promote my Offer obtained from Adsense, but recently Google modified the tracking template certification, the Offer direct link provided by Adsense can't be used in the tracking template,prompting for uncertified tracking service. Note: The content of the ads are all in...
  2. A

    Best Tracking Practices: Own Website + All Trafic Sources (Organic, Paid, Social, Email)

    Hello, My name is Alex, I’m new on this forum. I have a couple websites and I don’t have a lot of experience in with professional tracking solutions, like AdsBridge, Admob, Voluum, Redtrack, etc. The biggest traffic source I have is Organic traffic from Google. So I never bothered before with...
  3. jowel

    Announcement Free VPS for every new user

    Don't pay unnecessarily for your current VPS and get a VPS from us for free! Take advantage of this time-limited offer. This is an ideal solution for Linux and Mac users, but also for those who want to have Nifty Stats available anytime. With the purchase of a new Nifty Stats license, you will...
  4. Honeybadger

    What does it mean 'to fire a tracking pixel'?

    Reading about trackers as some of my earning should be higher Came to 'fire a tracking pixel' There's no definition
  5. S

    crackrevenue with bemob tracker

    hey guys can anyone help me on how to setup crackrevenue with bemob and in landing page , i searched in youtube , google , i couldnt find anything thanks
  6. jowel

    Affiliates Wanted Make money with Nifty Stats

    Did you know that Nifty Stats has up to two programs designed for cooperation? One is a standard affiliate program where the commission reaches up to 25 percent of each Nifty Stats license sold. The second option is exclusive and is in the form of a reseller program in a given region or...
  7. wesam

    how track affiliate links for other affiliate

    Hey I want to know how i can track other affiliate link for other affiliate website or link under YouTube description , i mean i just want to know how many clicks the link get . thanks
  8. Jorge Garza

    Does anyone here is willing to pay a fraction of the cost for a tracking service if...?

    Does anyone here is willing to pay a fraction of the cost for a tracking service if it offers a fraction of the services? Lets say no artificial intelligence and all that the big sharks offer Comment the features are totally necessary for you
  9. J my domain is redirecting to disabled.html

    i have added a domain in redtrack and redirected it to redtrack DNS now it is redirecting to rdtrack2 com disabled html any one who can help me out
  10. jowel

    Announcement New affiliate programs have been added into Nifty Stats

    Dear users, We are constantly adding new affiliate programs to Nifty Stats, this month so far: Hooligapps (Affise),, OG Affiliate, Fansbet Affiliates, Mundi Affiliates, Montecryptos, 5K Bucks, Paradise Casino, Live Cam Revenue, Easy Come Cash, Carnal Cash, Girls Rimming...
  11. scroogefrog

    Affiliates Wanted Partner program

    The double advantage with ScroogeFrog: earn money in the referral program and save advertising budgets! Register in our system Get the referral link in your personal account (“My account / Referral link”) Place the link at you websites, pages in the social networks and forums or send it to your...
  12. clickBakers

    Are you ready for ASW in Las Vegas?

    Hi ALL! clickBakers team is coming to the Affiliate Summit West on 15 – 17 January in Las Vegas! Take this opportunity to discover more about our progressive tracking software and TDS for affiliates and performance marketers and learn how to improve the performance of your traffic. Come to...
  13. Susan

    Meet Up Meet clickBakers at the Summit of iGaming Malta 2016!

    Hi All! You are more than welcome to visit our excellent team at upcoming SiGMA 2016! We will be ready to discuss about our mobile web tracker and how you can use it to optimize your online campaigns. Let`s bake your click with tailor-made clickBakers! Looking forward to meeting you there!
  14. Z

    Opinion Wanted!

    Hi everybody! What are your most favourite + least favourite things about tracking softwares (any of them)? What expectations do they meet/not meet? What features do you like/dislike? What should be added? Your input would be most appreciated! -Zach
  15. Z

    Announcement Halloween Discount

    From today until November 4, any user who upgrades their plan - from Starter to Pro or from Pro to Business - will receive 31% OFF their first month’s payment. And if you decide instead to switch to an annual plan, we’ll give you 31 days of free usage. This means that when you pay for 365 days...
  16. A

    AdsBridge FAQs are now live

    Hello all! We now have an amazing resource available for our Frequently Asked Questions. They are available in both English and Russian. There's a lot of information, so you're bound to find some specific answers you may have. Enjoy! -The AdsBridge Team
  17. Susan

    What is your tip to increase ROI in the online gaming?

    Hi All! What is your tip to increase ROI in the Online Gaming World? We prepared 3 useful tips to run your campaign successfully and maximize profits: 1. To catch your target audience you need to prepare interesting catchy landing page. Use A/B testing to determinate which ones perform better...
  18. Z

    Meet Up AdsBridge is going to AWA '16 ! Sign up here to meet us!

    AdsBridge is going to Bangkok! We have our booth ordered, and our tickets purchased! Come join us at AWA 2016! It’s going to be huge! Why should you come? -You’ll get to meet and network with affiliate marketers, advertisers, publishers, and media buyers from all over the planet...
  19. S

    Need Free Banner Tracking

    Dear affiliatefix members I am currently in the starting face of my affiliate marketing career with the help of all the great members here. Now I want to start driving traffic to my landing page for desktop gaming offer some members here told me the start of with simple banner ads on buysellads...
  20. John Mouss

    how to link postback URL

    Hi dears affiliates is there any one can help me with problems .. what I have to do if I want to use postback url in cpaGrip I'm using adsbridge tracker ? ------------ if I have self hosted landing page where I can find ''call to action button '' in my self hosted landing pages for...