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  1. J

    Seeking Help I am looking for a program to create affiliate links for an app

    I have launched an app on the Google Play Store and App Store, and I am looking for a way to create affiliate links that track how many app installs there were through that link to start a campaign with content creators. Does anyone know what tool I can use for this? I would be very grateful for...
  2. Emmawantstolearn

    Google Analytics For Affiliate Conversion Tracking?

    Hi Everyone! Is it possible to use Google Analytics to track Conversions? - Em
  3. A

    Best Tracking Practices: Own Website + All Trafic Sources (Organic, Paid, Social, Email)

    Hello, My name is Alex, I’m new on this forum. I have a couple websites and I don’t have a lot of experience in with professional tracking solutions, like AdsBridge, Admob, Voluum, Redtrack, etc. The biggest traffic source I have is Organic traffic from Google. So I never bothered before with...
  4. Henkey

    Trying a new idea

    Hey fellow affiliates and tracking experts, I am trying this idea which is new to me. I want to iframe an offer while adding my own content above the iframe. However, conversion tracking conversions is a bit tricky. If I load the TRACKING link inside the iframe I can track conversions but not...
  5. P

    How to set up Landing Page Tracking for Pop Offer with Maxbounty

    When I make my prelander that goes to a Maxbounty offer, I only have to put in the tracking id that Maxbounty gives me in the redirect url and that's all right? I don't need to specify the postback url in the html code? Or anything else? It's the campaign link that Maxbounty gave me, not the...
  6. K

    Track Intent Media Publisher ID with Ringba

    If you have experience how to track Intent Media publisher ID with Ringba, please help. Can I track calls with Ringba? I am interested in from which segment this traffic comes from and how it converts?
  7. jowel

    Announcement New affiliate programs have been added into Nifty Stats

    Dear users, We are constantly adding new affiliate programs to Nifty Stats, this month so far: Hooligapps (Affise),, OG Affiliate, Fansbet Affiliates, Mundi Affiliates, Montecryptos, 5K Bucks, Paradise Casino, Live Cam Revenue, Easy Come Cash, Carnal Cash, Girls Rimming...
  8. M

    Need help setting up Affiliate Tracking links, will pay $$

    Hello, I've run campaigns previously so I have experience setting up links but I've had setting them up. I'm looking for someone that can help me setup my tracking links in my tracker( bemob) with my affiliate network and my traffic source ( taboola) through a skype call. I will pay $ for this...
  9. Andre Houston

    Which Click Tracking software you guys use?

    What's your favorite "Tracker" software? may i ask why you use it? Is it pricing, limits, product plans..?? Your feedback is much appreciated. Have a wonderful day/night.
  10. Mytuny

    I Need Tests & Feedback to This Free (up to 50k) Tracking Tool

    Hello World :) I'm one of a group of developers. We have an under-development ads tracking software project. We need you people to test our beta version that we just launched at this URL: => You're free to create an account with our email/password-only signup form and try to set up some...

    Join PropellerAds and RedTrack for a WEBINAR to Optimize Push Campaigns!

    Hey everyone! Push notifications became one of the top performing ad formats for nearly any niche and vertical. Affiliates and performance marketers love it! But are you sure your push ad campaigns perform to their maximum potential? RedTrack Team welcomes you to join our joint with...

    [Webinar] Guide to Affiliate Campaign Tracker - June Update

    Hi, all the AffiliateFix members! - Use as your tracking solution of choice? - Want to know all the newest features and latest changes we have? - Or just looking for a ‘no-brainer’ affiliate and performance campaign tracker? Then we invite you to join our webinar “Guide to...
  13. affliliate_warrior

    Adwords conversion tracking for affiliate publishers

    Hi! I am an affiliate publisher with a PPC traffic website and I am searching for a universal way to track back real conversions on the website of an affiliate advertiser to my Adwords account. So let say I have a website about books. I advertise on the word 'book' and try to convert the...
  14. moniking25

    Confused with Voluum!

    Hey everone first of all Have a great day The question is when ever i try to use voluum i get confused with the traffic source section there is an option to add traffic source Postback url to fire conversions But when i go to my traffic sources like i use startapp, leadbolt, tonic i can't...
  15. Kc-Tan

    Fb Pixel + Advertiser Offers ?

    Hi Matuloo, How can i use Fb pixel to track my conversions on the advertiser offers??