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  1. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Guide Choosing Creatives in Sweepstakes Campaigns: What Works Best?

    Sweepstakes are one of the most simple, obvious, but at the same time efficient promotion that has been around for a while. Let’s dive into it in today’s article. What are sweepstakes? If you’re new to sweepstakes, it is simply a giveaway with a random distribution of prizes. Users usually...
  2. Zeydoo

    Case Study How a media buyer can get maximum profit with upcoming holidays on Sweepstakes

    The end of fall and up till mid January is the time when people are eager to spend money on themselves and their loved ones. And businesses are more than happy to give them this opportunity with big bonuses and different gifts. Which makes this time perfect for both advertisers and publishers...
  3. YamiLeads

    Looking for Sweep Ps5 offer

    Hey all ;) We're looking for a Sweep PS5 offer GEO: US/CA Conv.type: СС-submit Write me if you have it Skype: live:.cid.61f595569bb3e20f :D
  4. PayV

    Affiliates Wanted New EXCLUSIVE offer for India - traffic needed!

    Payv affiliate network has launched an exclusive Indian offer with enormously great CR! The offer is a sweepstakes form submit with pre-landers. Average CR during tests: 1.5% Average payout rate: $0.8 - $1.5 Prelander example: click. All mobile carriers allowed! May you have any Indian...

    Affiliates Wanted CC Submit Sweepstakes | Win an Iphone 11 or a Samsung S20

    WIN AN IPHONE 11 OR A SAMSUNG S20 Do you have good traffic in Spain and Mexico? Check our current BEST Sweeps! The offers are responsive, they will work well with both desktop & mobile traffic. Don’t miss this opportunity and request your URLs using the OfferIDs in MOBIPIUM's Market! Still...
  6. nutralight

    Hi everyone !! very excited to participate in this forum

    Hey everyone ! I am Cat from Nutralight. I am so excited to participate in this forum and share the ideas with everyone !! If you are interested in our offers (Nutra / sweeps/ dating ..) as well I will be here for anything needed.
  7. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted WapEmpire sweeps: best payouts!

    Your push, pop, social and other traffic sources need it: great sweepstakes for mobile and desktop! Everybody loves sweepstakes. Everybody loves sweepstakes with nice payouts. Everybody loves sweepstakes with good landing pages. Is it not enough to start working? US Walmart, Amazon, iPhone and...
  8. M

    why I am not able to search offers on Adplexity?

    Hello, I am searching offers on adplexity mobile but unable to find offers from my affiliate networks. These are top offers in my network so surely they are getting more traffic. but still nothing is coming on the name of those offers, I have searched using keywords of the offer. Also I have...
  9. jonte

    Jumping back into Mobile Affiliate Marketing 2018

    Hi all, I've been absent from the Affiliate Marketing scene for almost 2 years now. I had been playing with Crypto Currencies on my hiatus from AM as I'm an avid Bitcoin enthusiast after I first got into it in 2011. Of course with the crypto boom of December 2017/January 2018 I was playing the...
  10. N

    Starting out with Sweeps and ZeroPark

    I have experience in affiliate marketing from around 8 years ago, though, things have changed a lot since then. I am wanting to get back into the game, and keen to make new contacts, and catch up on what I have missed out on. I have around $1000-$1500 to invest in this. So far, I have been...
  11. didro

    How to promote CC sweepstakes offers using Facebook Ads?

    Hello everyone! I am interested in what approaches and creatives are used in the promotion of CC swipes with Facebook ads. I know it's a blackhat method. But I am interested in the approach to the promotion of these offers. I would be very grateful if those who work in this area will tell you...
  12. WeweMedia

    Affiliates Wanted Valentine's Day iPhone X (Sweepstakes) (SOI) - 8 GEOS AVAILABLE

    Valentine's Day Sweeps Offer Valentine is around the corner. We are not late in this.. in fact, you have more than 1 week to prepare, test and run! Why should you run this offer? First of all, iPhone X trend is still on the rise. They are the latest flagship phone available for iPhone... and...
  13. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Mobile CPA sports offers

    Sports is maybe not as popular as Cryptocurrency, still it has its fans and will always have. Check out what you can do with these top sports offers an get more of them at WapEmpire! AE WWE Club Etisalat(10845) Payout $1.5 BD Cricket Zone Redirect (21217) Payout $0.12 BR FIFA 2018 (21446)...
  14. Z

    Affiliate To Share Knowledge/Tools with

    Hello, I was looking for an affiliate to share pop/Redirect knowledge and tooling with. Also Adult banner traffic focusing on Sweepstakes and Adult Dating. I am looking for someone to share Adplexity and other essential tooling accounts with. And to share ins and outs with will be at...
  15. MarinaKimia

    Ask Me Anything "Running Sweeps on Facebook" with Super Affiliate and industry veteran Attila

    Hi guys, I saw that people were asking this morning about sweepstakes and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you all a heads-up, Kimia will be running a workshop @ the AWEurope in Berlin: "Running Sweeps on Facebook" with Super Affiliate and industry veteran Attila (iAmAttila) It...
  16. Andy Barden

    My Journey from scratch (17.08.16)

    I have been a member for a short while and in the affiliate game for a number of years. My day job is heading up the Clickwork7 Network that until now has done very nicely being a very traditional affiliate network with traditional pubs and a good range of direct finance, survey, mobile and...