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  1. PurePay

    Support What is going on?

    Hello all and especially support. How is it possible to enjoy this forum anymore when it is SPAMMED with nutra and other bs. Just today i have seen 10+ thread made by bots/spammers and it is getting harder and harder to find time and lust to even get on here. Can i please be told what is the...
  2. M

    Want to support each other?

    Hey guys! I'm a newbie to affiliate marketing, but no less capable of making it in this industry. I was wondering if the ones who have made money support us as sort of mentors? Like giving back to the community? I would really appreciate it! Mariam
  3. Koro

    Support Can I sell SMM things on new Marketplace??

    I have many very interesting SMM things like Facebook followers, likes, shares Instagram followers, views YouTube likes, subs. And many etc . So can i sell something of this? Affiliatefix has TOS. Restricted items include (but not limited to) the buying, selling, or renting of affiliate...
  4. Annesoren

    Setup help

    Hi everybody, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on where I can get some one-on-one help with set up? I need to connect my traffic sources and affiliate networks to my tracking tool, and launch a campaign so I get an understanding of the prossess. My preferred traffic source is not...
  5. D

    Paper Jammed ? in Printer( +1-855-777-5686)

    To make a printer run smoothly, an important installation of the printer driver is always needed without drivers printer is not going to work properly, not only printer driver must install it has to be up to date because within three months printer driver updated by the printer making companies...
  6. A

    AdsBridge FAQs are now live

    Hello all! We now have an amazing resource available for our Frequently Asked Questions. They are available in both English and Russian. There's a lot of information, so you're bound to find some specific answers you may have. Enjoy! -The AdsBridge Team
  7. Nqobile

    I am Conquered

    The second year undergraduate student at the University of Joburg. I love to sing and dance. I am optimistic about life. I am an aspiring online entrepreneur without capital on a mission to quit my job prior to being employed.
  8. Donald C. Obii

    Hello AffiliateFix Nation!!

    Hello everyone, My name is Donald Chu Obii from London, UK. I'm an alternative health & wellness direct response copywriter. Earlier, I wrote copy for companies in the property (real estate) industry. Since I was selling property at the time, this was a natural fit. As my confidence in my...