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  1. Mikeyboy

    Anybody promoting VOD (streaming) ? :)

    Hi everybody - my intro post can be found here with some background ;) I've built a (legal) streaming site for promoting VOD CC Free Trial offers, depending on geo the payouts range from about $8-$60. It's made some money through paid backlinks/guest posting but i'm not great at systematically...
  2. Mikeyboy

    ⭐Hi :) (Long post full of gold... )

    Hello Friendly Affiliate Forum :) I'm Mike from the UK. I've made good money in the past several years with CPA. None of which was made using the conventional "brainstorm angles, split test this, test that, then optimize constantly". Not shared my methods before but i want to start on the right...
  3. D

    How is this possible? Anyone seen this email? Seems like a lot of marketing speak but I can't seem to find a webview anywhere to take a look at the code