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  1. Annesoren

    New to the forum and affiliating

    Hi! I am Anne from Norway. Where to start... I haven't launched a single campaign yet, and I keep getting stuck on obstacles on the way - but getting closer... I guess being desperate isn't the way to get started, but that is kind of what I am. I have all my bets on one horse at this point (the...
  2. CashflowChase

    For the lower budget people .

    I am a college student so not all college students are financially stable most probably in debt. I recently wanted to start a $50 dollar Mobile test run. Unfortunately other things take place in our lives were we have to wait. So I'm doing it that hard way. I have one of giftcard app and...
  3. CashflowChase

    Amazon Affiliate Start Up Results

    So I'm brand new In college at the moment . I was checking my amazon clicks today. I usually don't get super hyped because I'm just starting so I have a lot to learn. Before anyone gets on me about I considered success for a beginner I feel like this is a step. I usually get like 0-1 click...