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  1. Jed22

    Greetings From South Africa

    Hey everyone, So glad to have found this forum! I have been on my online marketing journey the past 4 years, originally beginning with SEO and then I started a marketing agency working with local businesses which I currently do full time. Recently I have dived into affiliate marketing, I like...
  2. hasi

    Mobidea Journey

    Hi Afffix community, I decided to try CPA marketing. Start some test campaigns. Network: mobidea, Traffic source: Mobicow(Direct link, UK traffic:-). I spent around $10 for 2 conversions. used mobidea's inbuilt tracker. ROI is wrong because I didn't setup it correctly. Sry for my bad english
  3. ouss-sebti

    I'm new here, i'm lost

    Hi all, I hope you all are good. I'm new here, and I want to start CPA marketing. I have a lot of informations, overload informations, and i don't know how to start, and i'm afraid to lose money. can anyone help me? how to start? what offers should i promote as a beginner? help please. thanks.
  4. Tareq Mahmud

    Can do something special just for newbies?

    My respected members, today you may be successful. But think, when you was in starting end, how tensed you were. You were in huge problems. All newbies are in same situation now. There is many many issues discussed and continuing here. All are important. But think as a newbie, he / she needs...