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spying tools

  1. harnur

    Why am i FAILING in native ads?

    Hello, I have been spying/replicating/duplicating/copying some native ads copy that have been running for 26+ days, i have ran 3-4 offers, spend around $300-$400, but i still haven't made a single penny in affiliate commission. Why isn't it working for me? Till now i was promoting Clickbank...
  2. abdellahi

    how to spy on profitable campaigns

    hi everyone just found this video very intresting and though you'd like it this guy explain things very well :
  3. R3DRUM

    Looking for Similarweb Sharing

    Hi guys! Currently looking for 2 more users to share the Similarweb Usage. Let me know if you are interested!
  4. vajavaja16

    How to protect our campaigns

    Hello I know everyone has problem of stolen campaign. how we can be protected from our competitors ? how to get rid of this spying tools bots from our landing pages and campaigns? thank you
  5. tommakemassive

    Make Massive V2 - Spy on Pops, Native, Adult, Display All in One! Free & Pro

    Introducing Make Massive Version 2.0 Native, Pops, Adult, Display all in one. We have both a FREE version for basic use and PRO account for serious affiliates. Make Massive Version 2.0 brings a huge number of new ways to spy and understand affiliate data to help you supercharge your...
  6. Benrefaat

    What is the best spying tool ?

    Hey I'm new to CPA and I have a problem with spying tools I need spying tool with low price. a lot of marketers prefer adfox, but the tool website doesn't work with me could you please help me with your experience with spying tools Thank you