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  1. Dark.banana

    spam assassin score 5.5 mail lands in spam Gmail

    hi so i wrote html email few moments ago and i checked it spam score with spamassassin and it shows 5.5 spam screen : basically this is how the email looks : Did i use too much links with img ? or the domains i used to redirect to are crappy ?
  2. Dark.banana

    How does Gmail and Yahoo classify spam messages ?

    I just wrote html email with link to my site offering to reorder, and use smtp email soft mailwizz from new domain sent to my 1800 subscribers, checked few my email in there to see the delivery and found that gmail show notice" something in the line gmail has similar message like this before '...
  3. S

    Pure Spam Manual Action Advice

    Hi there, I'm new here and also to this side of the internet. However, I bought a domain a few months back and started creating content. A little while later I noticed a pure spam manual penalty. There was no history on the way back machine, but even my homepage still says indexing requested...
  4. FrankZ


    Greetings Fixers. I have recently noticed that lately in this forum some users , appearently from Asia, have been spamming the different sections of this forum with various threads that I believe are intended to infect with malware or redirect to malicious sites. I kindly request moderators...
  5. Marc

    Suggestion Other Position for the User Report Thread?!

    I think the User Report Thread should be moved to another place. At the current position it always covered the latest news and threads in the News and Announcements Forum by the recently emerging spam. Maybe the Support and Feedback Forum would be a better home for the User Report Thread.
  6. A

    how much i can earn money by send mass mail marketing (spamming)?

    Hell, i want to know,how much i can earn by mass mail marketing (go to spam) for example if i send 1 million mail/day how much i can earn on average ( like sell services)? thank you
  7. A

    looking for spam software

    Hello everyone, I'm in a training on web-marketing and i have to find a spam software for social networks (instagram/pinterest/facebook) I have already found for twitter, i took white hat, but I don't think it works for those other social networks. In advance thanks for your answers and your help.