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  1. R

    Snapchat Influencers Marketing

    I want to promote Adult/Dating offers through Snapchat Influencers, How to find the Snapchat Influencers? Kindly suggest me the website or any medium to contact them
  2. jonte

    Snapchat Ads?

    Hi all, Has anyone had any experience with running ads on Snapchat? I've heard that due to the immaturity of the platform that the ads are quite cheap. However I'm not sure on the types of ads allowed on the platform. Would ads such as SOI/DOI sweepstakes or carrier billing offers be acceptable...
  3. CPA.Stdnt

    Snapchat Ads + CPA (MaxBounty) ???

    Hey, Does anyone know, if Snapchat accepts CPA offers? Because, It's been more than 3 days, I've created a lot of campaigns in Snapchat.. But they are rejecting all ads. No idea, why. :/ I've read their ToS already.. Even, I added the brand logo, slogan in the Snapchat image. Also using a...

    Ask Me Anything Quality Dating $50 trial iFrame PPT and SOI PPL Offer Live....

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  5. Pranto


    1) Find your favorite mobile PAY PER SELL (PPS) adult offer. It can be either dating or web cams offer. Personally I use as they're my favorite top paying adult affiliate network. Why only PAY PER SELL (PPS)? This method will contain low quality traffic in general so you would get complaints...
  6. J

    I'm Jimmy

    I'm Jimmy, i love snapchat. I wanna make money with it.
  7. Delyte

    Monetizing Snapchat?

    Is anybody using Snapchat for marketing? It's getting huge and I'm thinking it's a largely untapped source of social media traffic/SEO, but it feels like too much work, and I don't do anything with social media unless it can be automated personally. To be clear, I mean using an account on it...