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rtb platforms

  1. A

    Have anybody worked with Adnium platform?

    Hey guys! I am about to start launching my own campaigns on Adnium platform. Is anybody working with it to share some experience or some cases? Many thanks in advance
  2. Ultramoney

    Partnership White Label Ad Network/DSP/Bidder

    AdMachine - White Label Solution for Ad Networks Supercharge your advertising business with advanced and reliable White Label DSP and SSP solutions: 24/7 Monitored Reliable Infrastructure AdMachine Ad Exchange Simple SSP and DSP integrations Self-serve platform for Advertisers and Publishers...
  3. shafi kasmani

    Anyone using RTB Advertising? You get success?

    do you know rtb advertising? Real Time Bidding is full form of RTB! anyone using rtb advertising?
  4. V

    6 Programmatic trends you need pay attention to

    Moving forward with your monetization strategies, take into account these trends emphasised by industry influencers at the Programmatic I/O Conference organised by AdExchanger: 1. digital media usage is driven by mobile apps ($53.4B will be spent on in-app ads by 2020) 2. most mobile RTB...
  5. Dustin Barruela

    Selling CPM Traffic through self-serve platform.

    Anyone looking for mobile in app traffic? We have high quality mobile traffic in 200 countries through our self-serve platform. Message me for more info! Features: 1. Carrier Targeting 2. White listing and Block List options 3. Device 4. Operating system 5. Browser 6. Time Targeting 7...
  6. Rvfamily

    7Search as a Traffic Source

    7Search as a Traffic Source What kind of traffic do you get from 7Search? Is it a viable source for your campaigns? How hard is it to get started with 7Search? 7Search These are the kinds of questions I hope to answer in this case study. I see many questions about 7Search as a traffic...